MEXICO DF (El Sol de Mexico, Guillermo Ríos, 6/10/11) - The Mexican Government has an inaccurate diagnosis of how organized crime operates in Mexico and therefore its strategy is wrong. You must change it or what follows will be the disappearance of individual guarantees warns the specialist in organized crime and violence in Mexico. The ex-prosecutor General of the Republic, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, proposed that the PGR disappear and becomes two agencies. At the same time, Doctor Luis Alejandro Astorga Almanza, of the Institute of Social Research (IIS) of the UNAM and a specialist in security, pointed out that drugs are still the main business of organized crime in Mexico and violence gives rise to its own struggle between these groups of mafias. For his part, Dr. Eduardo Guerrero Gutiérrez, consultant in the area, pointed out that the alternation of power, the constant changes of police chiefs and the policy of arrests are what has triggered the violence in Mexico. Within the framework of the International Conference on "Security and Justice in Democracy", at the UNAM School of Medicine, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, who is currently a Deputy Federal to the State of Mexico, noted that contrary to what is thought, criminal groups in Mexico have evolved into mafias and are getting stronger, to the weakening of the institutions. "The Government must change its strategy. The PGR should disappear and become two specialized prosecutors, one for internal affairs and one devoted to the combat of organized crime." Navarrete Prida questioned why there have not been results in the fight against organized crime when this fight already claimed the lives of nearly 40,000 people, and the number of addicts reaches half a million. You have made blows to criminal organizations and the violence does not go down. The political infighting continues and the drug market consumption goes up. According to UN figures, they remain stable. The production of poppy and marijuana remains and the legislature has given all the support and budget to the federal executive. In the last 5 years, it has increased the budget by 400%. "What one thing remains, the disappearance of individual rights and enacting of States suspension of guarantees, because there is not much else to do." The reflection should be made in analyzing what we are fighting or what is happening with the violence or the control of the plaza or a combination of both. If in the Northern States, they are focusing on violence in municipalities, where the conditions of institutional weakness are so alarming that one can think it is enabling the growth of local organizations. Is it worth the penalty? In my State all these local organizations - Los Zetas, La Línea, Los Aztecas with an intention is to smuggle drugs into the United States of America". For its part, the investigator of the IIS of the UNAM, Luis Alejandro Astroga Almanza noted that organized crime now has a new composition. The leaders of the three major cartels have the drug business. They are "the Gulf, the Pacific and Los Zetas" groups. These groups generate 70% of the violence. "The question is, what role groups and businessmen play in this fight against organized crime. The business elite of Monterrey were not concerned that the most of the 'bosses' and their families lived there. They became concerned when they began to kill but they were already settled. My insistence is to 'review with a magnifying glass' what is happening in every part of the country". The specialist Eduardo Guerrero Gutiérrez said the changes of power, the changes of police chiefs and the policy of arrests, is what detonates violence in Mexico. The Government of Mexico, he said, has to establish local programs to deal with violence in a targeted manner, because in each locality violence has different nuances.

TIJUANA BC (Frontera, Luis Gerardo Andrade, 6/10/1l) - Staff of the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE) confirmed that the severed head of a person was found inside a backpack found in the fractionation Martínez. According to authorities, the head belongs to a man of an unknown age. Age could not be determined due to advanced putrefaction. They however confirmed that on the inside of the backpack there was a "narcomensaje" sign.

TIJUANA BC (Frontera, Laura Durán, 6/10/1l) - A certified check for 150,000 pesos ($12,660) and a Chevy car of the year were the prizes awarded to Denisse Ornelas Balcazar and Francisco Antonio Sandoval Venegas. They were first and second place winners of the third draw of collaborators at UABC. The news of good luck got to them on June 2, when simultaneously the third and fourth draws were being made in Tijuana and Mexicali. However, it wasn’t until today they would be receiving their awards from the authorities of the Raffles UABC. There was great emotion from the community of the UABC Tijuana campus. First prize was for Tijuanense Denisse, first semester medical student, who said the money would be saved to pay for her studies. The study of medicine is expensive and you must work a lot. Francisco, originating in Rosarito obtained second prize, which was a new car. He said that the vehicle would allow him to travel to the neighboring municipality campus in Tijuana every day. He is a second semester student and the car will be helpful. Enedino Costa Aguirre, head of the Department of drawings of UABC indicated the awards raffle is for students, scholars, staff and collaborators who worked selling the tickets. This is a way of thanking them for their efforts. On the other hand, he mentioned there are only five days left to purchase tickets. On June 16, we will raffle 3,400 prizes in raffle number 68. It will be during the celebration of the great draw UABC also made on the fifth and the final draw for collaborators, involving all partners, even those who already won. For first, second and third place the awards are: 225, 125 and 75 pesos ($19, 11, 6) respectively.

MORELIA MICH (El Sol de Morelia, 6/9/11) - Tortured and executed, some of with a head bandaged with red tape and the coup de grace, the 21 corpses were located at the entrances and exits to this capital. At 8:55 pm, a report to emergency #066, said they discovered were five men’s bodies on avenida Los Gigantes in colonia Puerto de Buenavista. On arrival, authorities confirmed the information, finding two signs on the victims that read, "Here is a household of pickpockets, muggers and rapists and there are still more T.A.". Three minutes later, another report made by a phone call said they had found three male bodies, handcuffed and faces covered with red tape. They were near a Bullring. There, were found three .38 pistol shells and another sign, "Because society demands it, here is a household of pickpockets, muggers and rapists and there are still more T.A.". Later, at 9:15 pm, also through # 066, Computing, and Command Control Center, a report said there were three more bodies at the exit to Quiroga in Cointzio diversion in an area of fractionation Ignacio Allende. They were signed with: "Because society demands it, here is the home of thieves, extortionists and rapists, and yet there are more T.A.". Five minutes later, on Puente de Erandeni at the roundabout on the road that goes from Tarímbaro to the village they found other five piled bodies. It was observed they had been tortured and probably strangulated. They also had a sign, “Because society demands it, here is the home of thieves, extortionists and rapists, and yet there are more T.A.". Later, at 10:40 pm on the road to fractionation Country Las Huertas, another five bodies were found tied at the back, with hands cuffed, eyes covered with bandages of red and grey tape. They wore cholo clothes with tattoos on different parts of their bodies. There, two cards said, "Because society demands it, here is the home of thieves, extortionists and rapists, and yet there are more T.A.".


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