TIJUANA (Frontera) - Approximately 100,000 tourists arrive to Baja California a year by bus, when before more than a million of people came from the Southern United States. This is due to different inhibitors including different rules of the federal authorities, said former Secretario de Turismo del Estado, Nicolás Saad. In addition, the owner of Hotel San Nicolás and Casino Cove, he noted that earlier in 1970, no trucks came to Baja California from United States, and then we spoke with different American tourism committees that brought tourists to the State by means of trucks. In the first year, around 200,000 passengers entered the State with this system, he pointed, and over the years, it has been up to a million tourists each year. However, in 1993, officials of the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes established new regulations prohibiting the entry of 30 passenger buses, limousines and vans, while there are approximately 50,000 such vehicles in California which cannot enter the State. These units may not cross for 18 years due to licensing restrictions. Now only about 300 buses have permits to enter the State, he said, and it is not the reason for this situation. He mentioned that the Federal Government should have a pilot program for at least three years that permits the entry of all these trucks and vans to increase the number of tourists who come to the State and not stay at the current figure of barely 100,000 people who cross into Baja California by bus.

TIJUANA (Frontera) – Tomorrow ends a program to complete registration of cars with a BC plate with a State authority supported payment of import taxes for residents with limited resources who want to import a car. Hundreds of people waited in lengthy lines at offices of El Chaparral to win a chip and complete processing the nationalization of “chocolates” - black market vehicles. The program began on February 14 and the deadline is tommorrow. This year it will be possible to legalize cars that were circulating in the city without being imported. The latest chips will be sent to stakeholders and later they will be given a date which they must take the car for review and proceed with the importation. Those interested can go to the offices located in the area of importation of El Chaparral, found in la Colonia Federal.


BajaInsider April 28, 2011 @ 9:16 a.m.

I think you need to check your stats, you are mix-moding your numbers, bus travel and walk across traffic are down. This is extensively due to the fact that just 30$ of US Citizens have passports. That adds about $320 for the family of four out the door to visit Mexico.

Tourism for Baja California is up slightly, Baja California Sur; somewhat but Mexico as a whole is up in US Tourism. Help us defeat the Cartels! Come visit the great parts of Mexico and have a great time! Baja Sur is as statistically safe as San Diego. TJ is equal to Philadelphia and way safer than New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington DC.


mngcornaglia May 1, 2011 @ 9:41 a.m.

Not my stats, BajaInsider; they belong to Frontera. Gracias. g/c...


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