The ambassadors of Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Belgium, Slovak Republic, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Netherlands recently participated in a visit to Baja California. El Linea Tijuana, a news daily, reported that in meetings of Mexico and European Union ambassadors in Tijuana that they will strengthen economic, tourist, cultural and commercial cooperation with Baja California. Marie-Anne Coninsx, EU Ambassador for Mexico stated that the impressions obtained from the meeting were positive at demonstrating the potential for development in all aspects of Baja California. The diplomatic attendees recognized the vision of the State Governor, José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, by developing innovative projects that will make BC State of the art, by virtue of its modern criminal justice system, modernized border crossing, as well as for the latest generation of renewable energy sources. The meetings’work agenda provided opportunities learn even more about this region. “This is good because it allows us to get better insight on opportunities to channel investment and facilitate exchanges, as well as to discover the touristic and cultural wealth of Baja California", said the Govenor. EU Ambassadors agreed by pointing out that the tour allowed them to exchange experiences and valuable information to share with investors and entrepreneurs in their own countries. Main areas of interest to channel investment into Baja California are those related to renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, automotive, aerospace and mining industries. Also mentioned was that this visit allowed them to learn more about life here, ensuring it is a safe and reliable place to establish investment and promote exchange. They learned Baja California is first class in many ways by enjoying tourist attractions such as the wine route, the coastal corridor and many sites of interest as Centro Cultural Tijuana, among others.

Source: El Linea Tijuana, 2/19/2011


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