The San Diego City Council is scheduled to approve the 2011 Fiscal Appropriations Ordinance today. The move comes as the City Council prepares to ask residents for a half-cent sales tax increase as a November ballot issue.

City Council members recently shelved a proposal to forgive $288 million in loans and interest to its Redevelopment Agency, but are now looking at building a new City Hall building at a cost of $293 million without including debt servicing. The City, short on funds, requires private donors and the inclusion of a charter high school to carry a major portion of financing for another major construction project, the new central library.

The recent City Council action to involve voters in critical spending decisions provides an unusual context to the civil suit by former City employee Scott Kessler against the City of San Diego for wrongful eviction from City employment. Trial in that matter is set to begin in the middle of October, only weeks before the election.

In a ringing endorsement of SAP's OneSD business tracking software, San Diego's Independent Budget Analyst announced that despite OneSD's initial roll-out in 2009, the IBA has yet to actually use the system with the City's chief financial officer, but plans to do so "over the summer." Hopefully, the IBA statement does not indicate a problem integrating City accounting at the highest levels, but a lack of IBA/CFO coordination with the accounting system now in place may raise questions about the effectiveness of IBA review of City finances and operating structure. At the same time, the obvious conclusion is that SAP's rather expensive OneSD system had no role in the IBA assessment of the Fiscal Appropriations Ordinance set for approval later today.


Founder July 26, 2010 @ 10:04 a.m.

Re: "City Council members recently shelved a proposal to forgive $288 million in loans and interest to its Redevelopment Agency, but are now looking at building a new City Hall building at a cost of $293 million without including debt servicing."

That is a big 1st. step in the right direction and I hope the IBA will insist that estimated future "debt servicing" be added to the proposed cost of all City projects, so we will not get any more sticker shocks (no pun intended)...


a2zresource July 26, 2010 @ 10:34 a.m.

RE #1:

I'd still like to see the City Council take up the matter of the 3% electricity franchise fee on SDG&E's annual gross receipts, especially with the WEBA and PDW/PDH rate increase proposals still out there on the CPUC docket card.

Until that electricity franchise fee review happens complete with public comments, it's kind of hard to swallow the City press releases that City Council has done everything it could before coming up with a sales tax increase for the November ballot.


Founder July 26, 2010 @ 11:34 a.m.

RE: #2 You might consider making a statement during the next comment period to the entire City Council and hopefully at least one of them (Donna Fry?) might at least respond.

Perhaps you should ask the IBA office about doing just what you asked above, as those fees/tax will have an big effect on the City's budget!

Here is their link:


you can email your ideas to them: [email protected]


a2zresource July 26, 2010 @ 3:07 p.m.

RE #3:

I'm not planning to introduce anything to the City Council unless it's a filed copy of a ballot initiative with a whole lotta signatures.

Besides, nobody sitting up there wants to hear me about things they don't want to hear about in the first place. If they were all that interested, then they'd have already done a whole lot more than has gone on about things you or I have written about in the Reader.


Founder July 26, 2010 @ 7:29 p.m.

No Way Jose!

Enough folks went and with some good Councilmember help the tax increase did not pass muster Despite Ben Hueso's last ditch attempt to get Donna Fry to change her vote, the measure did not get the 6 required votes!

We should all thank:

Donna Fry [email protected] and Carl Demaio [email protected] and Anthony Young [email protected] +++ Some great comments were made to the City Council (said before the vote was taken):

"What Planet are you folks from"

"If you had guts, you'd also also put a measure on the ballot to recall the entire City Council..."

"Add a lot of taxes to the Rich and leave US little voters alone!

"You are allowing the Police & Fire Unions to run this City!"

"Get a PLAN!"

"Don't build the Library (ground breaking tomorrow)"

"A freight train is coming"

Two Freight trains are coming"

"Get serious".


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