California's Public Utilities Commission has denied the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) attempt to halt Pacific Gas and Electric Company's installation of smart meters in the PG&E service area. According to CPUC, "CCSF has not provided new facts that would warrant the suspension of PG&E's SmartMeter program. Issues concerning service quality and program costs already have had, currently have, or will likely have procedural homes. This proceeding should be closed."

Part of the findings by CPUC were that San Francisco's allegation of "hundreds of [consumer] complaints" amounted to a complaint rate of less than 0.02% on nearly 6 million PG&E smart meter installations, well within the political tolerance levels of the CPUC commissioners in denying the CCSF petition to halt PG&E smart meter installation.

Here in San Diego, smart meter installation continues with San Diego Gas and Electric Company's hope to introduce dynamic pricing in its PeakShift at Work/ PeakShift at Home business hour rate hikes for small business and residential power customers. If PSW/PSH is approved for SDG&E, then those customers will be priced out of the daytime business hour market in favor of lower off-peak evening and weekend power usage. This will make more power available for SDG&E's larger industrial-sized clients during the business week, even though many of these clients are installing their own solar panels to reduce their own power expenses. At the same time, SDG&E alternative power sources in the Imperial Valley are not projected in SDG&E testimony to provide sufficient power via the Sunrise Powerlink or otherwise make any significant difference in SDG&E's supply of electricity during local peak demand periods to eliminate the need for the requested dynamic rate hikes.


RobertW Dec. 20, 2010 @ 2:46 a.m.


THE UTILITY COMPANY will make HUGE money on WIRELESS smart meters and if you study the details closely, there are NO ADVANTAGES for customers, only disadvantages.

  1. UTILITY RATES are going up as soon as Smart Meters installation is completed.

  2. Wireless smart meters do NOT give customers information they can use to lower their bills - that is a Utility Company fib. They only show past usage and getting past usage every day or at the end of the month is no difference.

Other inexpensive meters that give real time usage (right-now readings) are infinitely better. Wireless smart meters require going on-line and having to analyze bar graphs of PAST information.

  1. PRIVACY - The Utility Company will know what you do, when you do it and so will other commercial companies, police and burglars that hack wireless information to know which days and times they can comfortably enter your home.

  2. SECURITY - Wireless simply cannot achieve the security of wired systems.

  3. HEALTH PROBLEMS - At the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Nov 18, a dozen world renowned scientists reported THEIR TESTS found small amounts of pulsed signal radiation (the kind coming from wireless smart meters) damaging cells, breaking DNA chains and breaking the blood / brain barrier (it allows things to reach your brain that your brain is normally protected from).

This trumps, replaces and disproves the INDUSTRY "Scientists" that told us they cannot find any damage. When honest qualified people tell us and show us they found our wallet, it doesn't matter how many others said they couldn't find it.

WIRELESS smart meters are worse than other wireless devices because: 1. We cannot shut them off. 2. They run all night while we and our children need quiet "Electric time" for our bodies to recover and children's bodies to recover, grow and develop. 3. All other wireless devices are optional, but wireless smart meters are being FORCED onto our homes.

The Utility Company will save millions of dollars eliminating jobs of thousands of meter readers, and none of those savings will be shared with customers. The Utility Company will also save millions of dollars by not paying for a shielded cable infrastructure to safely carry utility signals and shield people, pets, animals, birds and bees from the radiation.


a2zresource Dec. 20, 2010 @ 5:40 a.m.

In addition to the points you mention, consider this:

Given the electricity crisis history of investor owned power utilities AND the introduction of "dynamic pricing" high peak rates AND utility opposition to human readable output from smart meter, it will be impossible for consumers to challenge smart meter erroneous charges.

With smart grid technology eventually allowing power companies to turn our appliances on and off remotely, gaming the grid no longer involves wholesale price manipulation across state lines when our appliances can be run during peak price business hours (when many of us are out of the house) to run up our bills. There would be no way for us to challenge those billings even if we discover the problem and unplug the appliances from the grid: the damage would already be done.

In previous posts, I have already written about residential and small business consumers setting up off-grid solar panels to produce on-site electricity that does not involve the local power company. Consumers doing this as an always-on grid failure backup will be able to use their own free electricity during peak rate hours for at least partial powr bill relief. This can be done incrementally at around $150-$250 per square yard of solar panel (where one is enough to run a laptop or 2-3 table lamps) to avoid taking power directly from the grid at full or inflated prices. Here are two blog posts along those lines:


Founder Dec. 20, 2010 @ 9:36 a.m.

This is all part of a "Brave New World" plan, that will "THEM" to control all of US...

We all better buy SDG&E stock right now because after the big US Dollar devaluation (coming very soon I think), it will only be affordable to the Chinese...

Control our Electrical Grid, Control US, Game Over ...


a2zresource Dec. 20, 2010 @ 11:30 a.m.

The best way to play SDG&E is to by Sempra Energy (SRE). I don't think SRE wants to dilute its hold on SDG&E by selling any SDG&E shares, but Sempra holding company shares are available for investing, trading, and speculating. Do your own due diligence before burning some bucks...

The should be a break-even point where owning enough SRE shares pays one's accumulated monthly utility bills on receiving that rather handsome quarterly dividend check. I'll have to break out the slide rule for computing that one!


Founder Dec. 20, 2010 @ 1:54 p.m.

Would you be using your straight or circular slide rule?


a2zresource Dec. 20, 2010 @ 2:22 p.m.

!!! I've only seen pictures of circular ones!

As a math minor at USD, I learned how to make my own primitive straight ones after being made to lecture on Napier's Bones and logarithmic functions in upper-division History of Mathematics... Thanx, Dr. Langton!


towjoe42 Dec. 31, 2010 @ 11:26 p.m.

One way you can eliminate the "Smart Meter" is to install a Solar Power system with "Net Metering". The net metering does not work with the amart meters, and they will when your solar system is online come out and take out the smart meter and install one of the regular wired meters. With my solar system and net metering my electricity dropped from about $150/month to $43/month


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