I remember when the story came out about 6 months ago. I forgot all the details, but it involved a principal at some school confiscating a kids beeper or cell phone. I guess it was a cell phone. Nobody really has beepers anymore, do they?

Aside from having the phone in class and causing a disruption, they speculated that the kid was involved in drug deals. So when a text message came across that asked if he still wanted to "buy that stuff for $10," the principal responded, "Yes, I do. Meet me behind room 32 at 2:00 p.m." (I don't remember the details, but it went down similar to that).

The problem was....after this drug bust went down, the dope selling dope felt duped. He got a lawyer, who wondered why it is the principal is making undercover drug busts -- a job that is usually reserved for the police.

I have no clue how that went down, but I felt bad for the principal. It's one thing if he set up the whole thing. But it was a call that came in and he saw an opportunity. Although, it seems in this day and age, a principal would at least be able to think about it, call the police before responding to the text message and move from there.

But school officials learned nothing from this incident (it's kind of like teachers being busted having affairs with students).

That's why I wasn't surprised when this happened in Los Angeles a few days ago.

At a middle school, a few administrators devised a scheme to nail a drug dealer. So far, so good. The problem arose when part of their plan involved asking a 12-year-old student to buy marijuana from a 14-year-old they suspecting of dealing.

It's against the law to get underage kids involved in these types of things (although, I know the police use people under 21 to buy alcohol and nail businesses, so maybe it's just minors under 18).

The first thought that entered my mind was when you see bullies stuffing nerds into lockers. What happens to the kids that work as rats, helping the authorities nail the drug uses/dealers. Are they going to be stuffed into a locker, or something worse?

I'm not sure why these administrators didn't call the police, and ask them how to nail the student they suspected of selling drugs. Maybe they would've sent in an 18-year-old cadet at the police academy, to try and score some weed. Who knows how they'd do it. But it certainly wouldn't involve wiring a 12-year-old, and hoping he can hand his lunch money over for a dime bag.


Josh Board March 14, 2009 @ 3:18 a.m.

I loved the photos that accompanied that piece, Fred.


Josh Board March 3, 2009 @ 10:54 a.m.

POT UPDATE: Wow, everyone thought the Michael Phelps bong smoking incident was wild, get this. On Headline News just now, I heard about these guys that got arrested for smoking pot. And, they had a 6 month kitten stuffed into the bong. One of the guys said the kitten was always really hyper, and they were trying to make it more mellow. The authorities say the kitten was lethargic and almost appeared to be asleep.


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