No, the authorities didn't pull out her ovaries. God knows, they should.

But after inking a deal for a reality show, for once, our country was able to step in and do the right thing.

I heard a former child actor on KFI in L.A. the other day commenting on this. And, with Mathew Alice answering a question in todays Reader about child labor laws, I thought I'd write a blog on this disgusting woman.

Suleman appeared in court, saying that her privacy would be invaded, if they appointed someone to look after money for the children. A judge didn't care and appointed a lawyer to do just that. They want to make sure that the kids aren't exploited (too late) by these reality shows, much the way Jon & Kates children have been.

And with reality shows, it's a lot different than child actors.

We all heard the story about Gary Coleman, who had parents that took millions of dollars that he made from Different Strokes. And there have been so many other child actors that suffered similar fates.

But reality shows are a new form of entertainment (for lack of a better word). Initially, people didn't consider it "working" to have the children filmed constantly. Until some people did some checking, and realized that some things are staged and re-shot (shocker!).

Paul Peterson, a former Disney Mouseketeer, filed the petition and is an advocate for the fair treatment of children in entertainment. He said he's also working on nailing Jon and Kate. Unfortunately, I think it's too late to get them and the eight.

The Suleman kids could earn $250,000 over a three-year period of filming. The contract involving Octomom aren't a matter of public record.

The Labor Commissioner also said that RadarOnline, which had a secret deal to chronicle the babies over a seven-week period, failed to get the state permits and taped the infants too late at night and for too long.

What I can't figure out about all this is, how does the European company that signed this deal, expect to make money? There is such outrage over this woman, that in America, no network will cover a show or TV special. It just wouldn't garner enough advertisers.

RadarOnline was lucky enough to strike while the iron was hot, and they probably sold the clips they got of the babies and the Octo-idiot to various news outlets. But now that it's all died down, I just can't think any shows involving the Suleman's will generate interest.

Well, unless she wears a bandana and viking helmet, and let's 20 guys vie for her on a reality dating show. The winner getting to donate sperm for her next eight kids.

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Josh Board Aug. 2, 2009 @ 9:34 p.m.

Well, I can understand why Jon and Kate drew those high ratings when the tabloid stuff hit. Most people didn't even know the show before that, so they were interested for a few reasons.

rickeysays...driving to Vegas, I saw a Bekins 18-wheeler on fire. A cop was sitting nearby it. No fire engine in site. And, of course, traffic on the other side of the I-15 was just driving 5 mph. And I thought about the car accident, and how everyone always looks. And I realized that when there is a car accident, or cop giving someone a ticket on the side of the road, I do not intend to slow down and look. In fact, I've driven by at 70, and merely glance over. Usually that cop cliche is true: "nothing to see here!"

But, here's what happens. The first few people slow down to look. And, this means the cars behind them are going slow. And, since they are still going slow when they approach, they glance over and look at the accident as well. Maybe it makes them feel better, seeing an expensive Lexus all in pieces, or a Camry shaped like an accordian. But...they can still be TRYING to get back up to freeway speeds, but since they are coming from a slow speed, it still gives them a chance to look.


towelheadedcameljockey July 31, 2009 @ 9:02 a.m.

"The fact that she was on welfare, and all this other stuff...I really think the show won't fly or make money." - I'd imagine this would suck more people in, for a short time being at least. It would be like Jerry Springer. All the hype for a while, then slowly taper off. If it does air, it will end up getting press on every station, even though most will be negative. So many people will end up watching, at least for season 1, it just seems typical for the masses, especially when it's going to be on the cover of every magazine, TMZ, Nancy Grace (minimum 3 week discussion), The View and so on.... John and Kate Plus the 8 scored the highest rating ever for TLC when they got launched into the tabloids. They'll never be able to keep those numbers, but they'll now always be a few million over what they originally were picking up, before the tabloids and everyone else starting covering what was going on.


PistolPete July 29, 2009 @ 8:44 p.m.

Humans are by far the most stupid of the beings on this orb called Earth.


sfmc98 July 30, 2009 @ 1:10 a.m.

"no network will cover a show or TV special."

I disagree. There are many channels and that means a great deal of competition. I don't know what the ratings were for "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" but I bet they were through the roof when the two morons, Heidi and Spencer were on the show. I haven't heard about that show since they left.

Likewise, I predict record ratings for Jon and Kate.

With the exception perhaps of politicians, I think its almost always true that for a public figure, "there is no such thing as bad publicity."


towelheadedcameljockey July 30, 2009 @ 8:05 a.m.

$250,000, 8 kids, 3 years...that would come to about $10,500 a year for each kid. It's good to see a judge didn't have a head up their azz at the time of making this call. Those kids wouldn't see a penny if Suleman was in control. I recall that there was talk of a possible "Bachelorette" type show involving Octo. However I only think it was an offer, like the porn. Eggghhhhhhhhh....shiver Is her doctor under any type of investigation yet?


Josh Board July 30, 2009 @ 10:16 a.m.

Unfortunately, the doctor isn't under investigation (that I know of). I wish they would find some charges they could nail him with.

It's interesting. I was just talking with someone about the movie Burn After Reading over lunch yesterday. And he liked the scene with Frances McDormand at the doctors office, and I was thinking about how that doctor seemed so professional, until he tries to sell her on one last surgery. When, all the surgeries she wants (tummy tuck, breast enlargements, etc), aren't even necessary. She looked fine for a 48-year-old woman). It was just a thing you wonder...are doctors doing the same thing that mechanics do? Telling you that you need things done to your body that you don't? And, what is bad about that is...if you are in there for plastic surgery (and modeling or acting isn't your profession), you're probably someone that can use that money more wisely with a different kind of doctor. Yet, this doctor will know the person isn't right in their head (whether it's Michael Jackson getting his 10th nose surgery, or a woman getting her 4th boob job)...and they continue to try to make money off them. regards to the reality shows...sfm, I would say you were right with anything else, but not Octomom. The fact that she was on welfare, and all this other stuff...I really think the show won't fly or make money.


rickeysays July 31, 2009 @ 12:14 a.m.

People slow down for car wrecks Josh. To see this train wreck people will only have to turn on the TV. You seriously think people won't watch? Think again.

As for the Docs running up their bills, I unfortunately think this is more common then most people realize. This is why Obama talks about eliminating unnecessary tests as part of health care reform. I've had Docs order unnecessary tests that I knew we're unnecessary, but what do I care? I've got insurance. I've had dentists tell me I need fillings I didn't need. Not to mention trying to sell me the teeth-whitening. And don't even get me started on chiropractors. They're worse then mechanics.


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