Ah, the memories I have about the word "fox" from being a kid in the 70s. There was the cheesy song by Sweet (or as one of my friends called them "The Sweet").

Sweet was one of those bands that had songs you loved in the 70s; kind of like Boston or Styx. And you listen to them now, and the memories of enjoying the tunes are still there. But as you sing along to Mr. Roboto or Love is Like Oxygen, you hope the person in the car next to you can't hear anything.

But back to "fox."

I remember my older brother putting up that Farrah Fawcett poster. You know the one...multi-colored swim suit, and a nipple you could make out underneath. All those teeth and that beautiful smile. And the hair!

My brother said she was a "fox". And, then spent 30 minutes answering my questions as to why he'd call her a word that is associated with an animal.

There was a girl in my 4th grade class named Stacy. I wrote on one of my school folders "Stacy is a fox." I somehow hoped she'd see it and fall in love. She'd approach me at the four square courts on the black top. She'd take the braids out of her hair, and give me a big smooch. Of course, I'd have to wipe my mouth a bunch of times and yell "Gross!" Because girls did still have kooties back then.

It never happened. The only conversation I ever had with her, was when I walked by her house and noticed she had a King Tut poster on her bedroom wall.

It took me two weeks, but I said to her one day, "I really like King Tut." She looked at me like I was insane, and said "Uh....okay." There was an awkward pause, and I said "What do you like?"

Inside, I was hoping she'd say basketball, Matchbox cars, oh...and you, Joshua.

She said, "There's this show called Eight is Enough. It's pretty funny."

It was the last conversation we ever had. I think on Valentine's Day, when you put those little cards in each persons folder taped to the front of their desk...I was even too scared to give her one.

But the one she gave me I stared at for days. She had the nicest handwriting I had ever seen.

I was thinking about that, with today being Valentine's. And, with a story I had on my desk that I thought I'd blog about at some point. It happened over a month ago, though.

A woman in Prescott, Arizona, was bitten by a fox as she went jogging.

Talk about a workout, the thing clamped it's jaws on her arm and she had to drive herself to the hospital. This, after the mile run to her car, with it dangling from her arm.

It's good she brought the thing with her to the hospital. It was rabid.

Happy Valentine's Day. And if you're out there Stacy...I don't really like King Tut.

I love lamp.

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rickeysays Feb. 14, 2009 @ 1:54 p.m.

Lamp? I don't get it. Somebody help me.


andrea1221 Feb. 14, 2009 @ 3:06 p.m.

My cousin John had that same Farrah poster when he was a young kid. I think it was a right of passage back then. Too funny. For us girls it was Shawn Cassidy or Andy Gibb.


Josh Board Feb. 15, 2009 @ 12:33 p.m.

I can't believe I remembered the Farrah poster wrong! I probably spent so much time focusing in on one aspect of the poster, the colors in the background stayed in my mind.

Damn...my lamp line bombed!

It's from Anchorman (one of the few funny scenes in that movie). Steve Carrell plays a slow weatherman. He's not great at making conversation, so at one point he simply says "I love lamp."


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