What is wrong with our legal system? I know I sound like a broken record (hey...we're going to have to update that phrase, now with records fazed out).

Last week in L.A., a man was awarded $1.3 million because it was ruled the police used "excessive force."

What did the cops do? They fired 120 shots at him, because he fled from the police in his vehicle. And, two deputies say he tried to run them down. One cop was caught in the crossfire and wounded.

I love the fact that 13 deputies received disciplinary actions (a few got 15-day suspensions).

This lets society know that they punish their officers that aren't following procedure.

But why should some loser, who was breaking the law, now become a millionaire? Maybe give him a new car (since his was riddled with bullets). Maybe give him $20,000 for "pain and suffering," but also tell him, next time he flees from cops, he might be shot dead.

Then, I hear today on CNN, that a guy in Oregon who got tasered (the video was popular a few months back)...was awarded $40,000.

He got out of his SUV, and started griping, before an officer tased him.

Some watching the video, might think the cops didn't need to do that. But, the guy wasn't following orders. He got out of his car and was complaining.

Just as officers have procedures they have to follow, so do drivers. And, that means you pull over when the blue and red lights are on. It means you hand over your license. It means you sit in your car. If the officer yells any instructions at you (whether that's put your hands outside the window, turn off the vehicle, etc)...you do it.

I guess, it would pay (literally), not to follow these rules.

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Ponzi March 12, 2008 @ 7:46 a.m.

The lawyers probably got most of the money. Seriously, if you dig into any case like this it is the lawyers involved that get most of the settlement money.

In fact in many cases the client stills owes the lawyer. That's why our legal system is so out of control.


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