I heard this story a few weeks ago. But, when I saw the actual photo in the L.A. Times...well, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

In an auction, a record was broken for a painting that sold by a living artist. I would guess the amount to be around a million bucks. Nope. The painting, done in 1995, sold for 33.5 million clams.

The photo showed a 700 pound naked woman, laying on a couch, touching herself. Hey...that would look perfect in the dining room! Reubenesque x 10.

I don't know about art though, and so I think the thing I read in the Union-Tribune this morning, is a lot more of a waste of money. And, it was 33 million dollars less.

Let me back track a bit.

Helix High School has had a few teacher sex scandals. A female music teacher had an affair with a student. Then, two male students were having an affair with the same female student.

So, with all the budget cuts that schools are having this year, what do the idiots at Helix decide to do? They decide to spend $43,000 to hire a consultant, to run a program for the teachers there on how to behave.

That is the most ridiculous thing ever.

I want to contact the school and tell them I'll do that for $2,000. I'll get all the teachers in a room. And I'll say, "Don't have affairs with the students."

I might have charts and graphs, so they feel they're getting more bang for their buck (okay wait...maybe I should rephrase that).

Consultants....what a joke that profession is. I remember a consultant we had at a radio station I worked at. One month he'd tell our morning show to be more like Howard Stern. The next month, he'd tell us our listeners wanted "more rock, less talk." I'm not sure he realized, Howard Stern didn't play music on his show.

Other times, he'd tell us our show got too risque. Again, not sure he actually hears Sterns show. He just saw Sterns ratings book.

But, if you taxpayers are happy with this.

I mean, teachers get fired, and everyone pickets and complains. I think, spending $43,000 to hire a consultant to tell adults why it's wrong to have sex with kids, should have people picketing outside that school.

If that doesn't fire you guys up, you should never complain about anything the city spends money on ever again.


viola_yoda June 25, 2008 @ 11:07 a.m.

So, I totally think this is ridiculous waste of money, especially as a person involved with Helix Charter High School. But the facts aren't straight in your article. December 2006, a male band director was arrested for have innapropriate relations with a teenage student. The next fall, a female band director was arrested for having innapropriate relations with a teenage student. Then a few weeks ago in May, ANOTHER teacher (this time not a band director) was arrested for having MORE innaproprite relations with a student, and finally a last (hopefully) teacher was picked up for innapropriate relations with the same girl as the teacher arrested in May.

So there were more problems going on.

It's terrible that a school has to send their teachers to school to teach them how NOT to be perverts. I thought that was called common sense.

And since Helix is a charter school, no one can tell the president how to rule his money. Which leaves Helix (who has alumni such as Reggie Bush and Alex Smith ((the son of the principal))) with money they spend on re-doing the football field and track.

I don't think and investigation should be sent on the teachers, "consulting" them how to NOT be pedafiles. I think the investigation should be on how the school is spending money.


towelheadedcameljockey June 25, 2008 @ 2:37 p.m.

I would imagine that the insurance company who carries their liability requires these steps when an incident occurs. When it then occurs more then once, they have to take bigger (and more asinine) steps to believe they're not going to let this happen again. The insane part is everyone has to know none of this will make a difference. If someone's is an idiot and thinks they can get away with relations with their students and are willing to jeopardize they're job, life, everything, then there is no convincing them otherwise. It's like on Datelines "To Catch A Predator". When the guy approaching the house even senses this is a set up they still go through with it. I've even seen one where the guy heard the cops walkie-talkie go off, so he left, but only circled the block and then came back. Once they're in the zone, they're in the zone.

On the art, it brings this to mine -

Yo mama's so fat, the horse on her polo shirt is real.

My stick figures never pulled in much money. I now know I was going the wrong route. Damn it.


Ponzi June 25, 2008 @ 4:15 p.m.

Sounds like Helix has the sex education and extra-curricular thing down. Also sounds like they have nice teachers because they share.


Josh Board June 26, 2008 @ 1:20 a.m.

Sorry about getting the facts wrong. I didn't really seek them out properly, because my point was to just get to that 43 grand. So, I missed a teacher or two in that haste.

But, yeah. Consultants. I have a friend that is a professor at Berkley, and he told me so many students have approached him. He always turns them down. And, I mentioned something to another friend about how college professors should be fired, and he said "Well, if the woman is over 18, it's legal." And, I talked about how it just creates so many problems. If one student thinks she got a bad grade, because she broke up with him. Or, one student got a bad grade, while her friend who went out with him, got a good grade, etc etc etc. It's just not worth the headaches. Not to mention, you can tell me all you want, about "when" a person becomes an adult, and can make adult decisions. But really, do you think a 48-year-old professor, can't manipulate a 22-year-old "kid"??? I just don't think it's right to go there, and I would fire any professor I had working for me. And I'd let any professor I had working for me know that. If they wanted to sue, and get unions involved, so be it.


Josh Board June 27, 2008 @ 11:57 a.m.

I love it. Now, the paper is explaining what the school is having done with this "consultant" and the classes being taught to these "teachers". Insane.


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