I didn't see the whole story, but on the news yesterday, they had a guy that won $10 million in the lottery somewhere back east, I believe.

The picture of him that they showed on TV, looked like a sad Chuck Norris (on a side note, the Daily Show showed a new pair of pants Chuck Norris is selling for $19.99; the selling point being you can bend your legs in them, and it shows his leg kicking someone. Stewart said "Now you don't need to go home and change into shorts before you kick someones ass").

Anyway, this Chuck Norris look-alike that won the lottery, apparently is a registered sex offender.

And, a bunch of people in the town wanted the lottery to take the money back from this guy.

Now, in one of the worst PR moves of all time, the liquor store owner said "Hey, he bought the ticket, he should be able to keep the winnings from it." Which, I agree with. But I'm not sure I'd say that, when everyone in town is upset about something, and could possibly boycott my store!

Now, if any of this guys victims can sue him in a civil court and take his winnings, I'm all for that. But, you can't have the lottery officials deciding who gets the winnings. You might have some people not collecting because they drink too much. Or they're a bad husband.

Or, they gamble more than they should.


Anonymous Feb. 13, 2008 @ 11:20 a.m.

I agree. Usually people like him will wind up with nothing in 5 years anyway. The town should be happy because he'll probably leave and go start a new life. Maybe in Thailand.


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