My friend and I have had a debate for years. Since we're both afraid of heights, he likes to say we have an "unreasonable fear". I's very reasonable. I mean, I can go into a skyscraper and look out the window. It just freaks me a bit. "Unreasonable" would be someone that refuses to look out that window.

And, when I hear stories like makes it all the more reasonable. The "this" I refer to: a Vista resident that died falling out of a hot air balloon (ironically called Heavenly Ride).

It got caught on a utility line. Now, I feel bad for her, but not those 10 skydivers that died the other day. How did they die? Take a wild guess. No, they didn't all have malfunctioning parachutes. They didn't land in a crocodile pit (that actually happened once).

The plane crashed.

It's hard to muster sympathy on this one. If you have some idiotic hobby -- jumping out of planes -- why?? Don't tell me you're an "adreneline junky." If you are, get help.

I feel bad for someone getting hurt hiking. But, not mountain climbing. Again, you are CHOOSING to do something dangerous (and tax dollars are spent trying to rescue you).

In the early 90s, my morning show was jumping out of a plane. I had already done the bungee thing on-the-air (with curses bleeped). I decided not to when they wanted me to sign a thing saying "if you die, no lawsuits." Not to mention, a list of 5 things you had to remember...if you don't put your chin against your chest, your head may hit the back of the plane. Or, if you don't tuck your knees up properly, you'll spin so fast, you'll get tangled in your 'chute.

Now, if you hear all these rules, and you're still deciding to jump out of a plane...well, you're an idiot. I'm guessing we didn't loose any rocket scientists in that crash.


fifibutton Oct. 11, 2007 @ 5:58 a.m.

I don't mind heights in the slightest but I do hate all the violent crazy rides at themeparks. Mild rollercoasters are ok though.


Josh Board Oct. 12, 2007 @ 2:04 a.m.

Roller Coasters rule. Because, if they're really scarey, fast, and get the feeling of being scared, when in reality, you have nothing to worry about. The chances of them crashing are...I dunno....1 in a thousand. Of course, Six Flags somewhere, a few days ago, had to rescue people that got stuck on the loop. Upside down, I believe. When they got the coaster working again, it threw them at an abrupt stop, and they got smashed up a bit. So....well, maybe they aren't so safe. Strike everything I just said!


fifibutton Oct. 12, 2007 @ noon

When I was about 10 I read about people who'd had heart attacks during roller coaster rides. Some of them even suffered hair loss afterwards and severe shock. That terrified me. I would say for certain people (elderly, ill preganant, or very young) they certainly are dangerous.


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