Two news stories that better result in some jail time. If not, I say we get a posse and go over there and do some Charles Bronson type of vigilante justice. Anyone in?

First, there's this idiot that called 911, to report two guys breaking into his neighbors house. So far, so good. Then, he says they're climbing out the window, and that he has a shotgun and will go over and confront them. The 911 operator, calmly tells him to stay put, cops are on their way. He clicks his gun, saying "Hear that? Why should I sit here and let them get away." He finally goes out and shoots the two to death.

I say, it's two less criminal, idiot, losers in the world. That's great. But it's not his job, to shoot guys leaving his neighbors window. He was told by a dispatcher, to stay put. What would've happened if the cops showed up and shot him, since he was holding a rifle? (well, a third less idiot in the world, actually)

And, from the phone recording, we hear him say "Don't move" and then shoot immediately. That means, the guy didn't give them a chance to do anything, before shooting.

And, here's a story that my friends dad, who became head of the Harbor Police years ago, told me.

On his first day as a cop, he saw some big, African-American guys carrying a stereo, and TV, out of a house. He thought it was a burglary. He approached, calmly. The guys showed ID, explained they were moving. He felt guilty for asking.

Yet another reason why neighbors can't take matters into their own hands. Now, obviously, those guys weren't moving. Unless they just think climbing out a window works better than the door. I mean, my mom had a C section, and for the first five years of my life, it's the reason I climbed out windows instead of using doors. But I digress...

What if the guys were friends of the resident, and were playing a practical joke on him? Now they're dead.

I say, even if those guys were armed, we can't just take his word, over two dead guys. He was told NOT to approach them, and he did.

He should do some jail time.

I'll talk about the next case tomorrow, and until then...lock your windows!


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