When my friends go ga-ga over someone like Angelina Jolie, I can never figure it out. I’m more into someone I see in a movie that is hot, but mysterious. Someone I know nothing about.

I remember watching Cocoon, and thinking the alien woman was a knock out. I did some research, and found out she was Raquel Welch’s daughter.

I remember this little Sci Fi film with Gene Simmons of Kiss and Tom Selleck. He had a cute blonde love interest. I wondered if she did anything after that. I googled, and found out she was the dancer in Dirty Dancing, ended up marrying Richard Marx, having 3 kids, and had a #1 hit song.

My latest crush is Pam Grier. I saw American Gangster tonight, and it reminded me of her film Jackie Brown; because, they played a Johnny Cash song, and also the Bobby Womack tune “Across 110th Street”.

When I saw it in the theatres 10 years ago, it was love at first sight.

I did some research, and found out she’s 20 years older than me. I have no problem with that, if she doesn’t.

That might explain why I didn’t see her in the 70s, when she was creating a buzz with movies like Foxy Brown. I was watching Disney movies then.

I found out she dated Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Hmmm. He’s exactly a foot and an inch taller than me. But we both play basketball. He played for the Lakers. I played for the Marauders.

Reading her bio was a bit heartbreaking. She lost a sister to cancer. Then, her nephew was so distraught by the death, he committed suicide. She then fought back from cancer.

She auditioned for the part of Bonnie in Pulp Fiction and didn’t get it (this was a 10 second part, by the way).

When Tarantino cast her years later, he changed the name of the great Elmore Leonard book Rum Punch to Jackie Brown (the character wasn’t even named that in the book, but you know QT and his love of anything 70s).

I wonder why, as great as she was in that, I haven’t seen her in more films.

If anyone knows where she is, tell her I’m looking for her.

And ask her if she’s free Friday night.


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