It's been eight years since I've been back home and a lot has changed in East San Diego. Or should I say City Heights?

I remember when they first started with all that nonsense about City Heights. I'm sure some big shot power brokers sat around a table and had to figure out a way for investors to drop millions on this community and in-turn back into their pockets. I mean, come on, how else can you get developers to put money into a place without given it a fancy new identity to build their chain restaurants?

No fatcats or city officials would go forward with a name like East San Diego. No, not East County or El Cajon as I'm sure your thinking, just like everyone else does whenever I mention my community. I'm talking the middle of San Diego, between three major freeways. I'm not sure if people have never heard of it or thought it disappeared when they changed the name to City Heights.

Most of the time when telling people where I live I reluctantly have to fall back on the current name, but when I still get blank stares, I get desperate and say, "it's near SDSU, do you know where that is?" and they say "oh yeah, is that the one in La Jolla or Linda Vista?". By this time, I figure they must of moved here from Arizona, Michigan or some other god forsaken place where they have terrible weather. Sorry, it's nothing personal, I have nothing against people from Boston I swear.

So back to my point, City Heights, it's bordered on four sides. It runs from 54th street on the East to Freeway 805 on the West. The northern border is Adams Ave and Federal Blvd on the South. A huge chunk of the City if you think about it, how hard could it be to find?

So now that you know, please don't stare blankly when I mention where I live. Better yet, take the time to get to know the city. Step outside your comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side or should I say East Side? No, that might be too taboo.

Really it's not that bad, I mean come on, we even have a Starbucks for god's sake. If that doesn't get you, then check out some of the wonderful international cuisines that this community has to offer.

When you get back home you'll realize how diverse this city really is, despite the unspoken of segregation that takes place. You may learn to appreciate what else San Diego has to offer outside of Shamu and a wonderful environment.

One day we will be on the map, I just hope they don't change the name again, I'm just barely making progress on my "Where is City Heights?" campaign.


Evelyn March 25, 2010 @ 10:46 a.m.

You could answer with east of North Park. If the asker is young enough (and trendy enough), they'll get what you mean.


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