The hustle and bustle of the marketplace moves you like the wind, there is no time to remain stationary. The throngs of humanity will either propel you forward or backward, all based upon their whim. Towering skyscrapers housing couture salons are surrounded by makeshift eateries, lined uniformly along the corridor, each proprietor reaching for those who pass by. Beckoning with promises of steaming plates of noodles swimming in luxurious fish stocks, topped with slivers of thinly sliced pork, chicken and who knows what else.

Eating is simple here, you look, you smell, you sit, you are fed. Shoulder to shoulder sit Koreans and tourists, elbows touching with each lift of the chopstick, enjoying the sublime flavors of these delicious soups. Money exchanges hands and you are not allowed to dally. Time is of the utmost importance to these vendors and the more customers they capture, the more Won they take home to their families, capitalism at its finest moment. And yes, the little seat you sit on will be taken from underneath you should you remain too long.

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antigeekess June 14, 2010 @ 12:53 p.m.

Well honey, these blogs are not about "CAPITALISM." Take your SPAM elsewhere.


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