"Let me say at the risk of seeming ridiculous that a person from the Barrio is guided by great feelings of pride", and i am proud to say that i live in Barrio Logan. Why? it is the home of Chicano Park, Panchitas Bakery where you can find some of the best sweet bread, the home of some of the best basketball and handball courts, the home of broken homes, cholos, cholas, teen mothers, and their supportive hardworking parents. It is the home of new dreams, diamonds in the rough with enough ganas, desire to stand up for what is right!. The home of some of the best storytellers just knowing that within every resident lies endless stories of lost loves, struggles for freedom, as well as the struggle to find ones own identity. That is why i am proud to say I live in Barrio Logan. People have often said that barrio logan is the heart of the mexican community in San Diego, well if that is the case then barrio logan is having a heart attack. Since the Padres and developers moved in my neighbors have moved out they are buying us out, or at least trying to, which means property values go up. Now something is terribly wrong when a family cant afford to live in barrio logan. With all of our developer friends moving in the next thing you know barrio logan is going to be known as simpy "the villas", or at least that is what they want. I heard a developer once say in an interview that the word "BARRIO" really meant poor or crime ridden, and that barrio is a word that would not attract "rich buyers". That is one thing that i never understood, why do people automatically assume that i am a cholo, a gangter, a thug when i tell them i live in barrio logan. Our crime rate is no worse then alot of other neighborhoods, were not even in the top 10 for crime. Dont judge me by where i live , or by my shaved head, or by my earring...besides if the stereotype were true i would not be here today i would be just another statistic on the evening news. To be honest i could not imagine living anywhere else, its hard to just pick up and leave after so many years in one neighborhood just ask my grandmother Mary, she has lived in logan for 77 years all of her life...thats gotta be some kind of record she should be on ripleys believe it or not for most years living in what many view as a tough neighborhood. There are alot of changes gong on in barrio logan,but no matter what, or who may come into the neighborhood one thing that will always remain is the rich history..like the mural at the barrio logan trolley station says "The history of our commuity is written on the pages of the lives of its past and present residents and the legacy it leaves future generations".


nan shartel April 24, 2011 @ 9:22 a.m.

when i was young it was Logan Heights and the Black area ;-D


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