So, now I’m back. The first day went by so fast. Everything seemed new, and amazing. But, only 24 hours later I’m already falling back into the swing of things. Jet lag allows me to enjoy the early mornings. Yesterday 5am but today 7am and not early enough to beat elderly parents to the coffee machine. The early morning hours are the best. A morning sun still too low to wake up the world. Last night’s mist lingers, dew moistens the world from the night before. In the early dawn my dog is my only companion, always available for attention. I must wake earlier tomorrow, I demand to myself, if I wish to enjoy the hours before electric lights sting the soft rays of a rising sun. Before Kudlow & Friends with his infinite hemorrhoid cream commercials drown out the wild parrots secretly serenading anyone caring to listen. Why can’t my parents see the beauty all around them? Why don’t they see the beautiful world outside instead attentively, addictively worshiping a modern day snake oil sales-man. I hope to never understand.

Coming home from 3 months abroad gives one a refreshed outlook on the splendor of San Diego. Yes, France has its attractions, mostly walking around, dolled up and very attractive indeed. I do miss my lovely lady. I left behind my sweet Caroline. My bed feels so lonely and over-sized without elbows jamming me in the middle of the night, and French curses warning me to stay on my side. I’m amazed by how much I really do miss those curses. Je t’aime mon amour, a bientot, is all I have to say. Her world is different; stale, dry air inhabits the concrete world of her big city. Something I missed so much is the natural world that gives San Diego such charm. The green trees, space to breathe, the wild parrots talking & crows gawking. All of these things are so amazing. Natural aromas loiter in the air from bursting buds rallying for spring. It’ll be a great spring this year, after all the winter rain. The most SD has seen in years. So-Cal deserts have already put on quite a show starring Verbena, Brittlebush, Chuparossa and Lilly. Maybe I’ll go to Anza-Borrego tomorrow.

My California mistress awaits. I see her in the distance, glittering without the façade of diamonds. She needs no dolling up, no pretense. She’s a bit colder than normal but not unusual, considering her temporal dispositions. She’s my enjoyment and my place of employment. Her allure attracts thousands and provides seasonal work for me. No I’m not a pimp. She charges nothing for the services she provides. says 2-4ft north-northwest. It’s still too early in the year for her hemispherical rotation; when she allows Mexican chubascos to turn-on south facing beaches. Still too early to attract the flocks demanding my full-time employment.

I guess I returned just in time.


nan shartel March 5, 2011 @ 12:17 p.m.

yes u can rename this later...or start a new blog with a different name...but keep the same ianhiggins name


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