The dark haired boy noticed the dirty blonde kid when he asked about their glasses. The former has dark features and a lean body, it’s his lips—full and pouty—that I notice first. At a closer side glance, I think he might be mixed; maybe Asian? Both sit at comfortable cushioned seating by the entrance with a friend. Dark Hair boy—they both can’t be past 20, they look so young—comments to his friend, after the glasses question, about James—the dark blonde’s name I later glean. The friend reiterates with exaggerated eyebrow raisings and both laugh. I catch this and have to stop myself from laughing too loudly. After all, this is one of the Hillcrest Starbucks on New Year’s Day evening, great for people watching, not so great for making a fool of my lonesome self.

James’ friend leaves and he moves to the table next to me and commences to laptop. Yes, I have made that a verb. The friend disappears into the bathroom and DH boy approaches James—from the side, a classic move. This kid has skills! Or maybe I lack them? Casual conversation regarding a dispensary ensues, “as in?” James asks and responds with a timid sounding ‘oh’ when DH confirms. Then, DH asks for the phone number. James obliges. The name’s asked for again and James has a new potential.

My shock and amazement are hard to hide. I do though. Again, I don’t want to look like a fool. I don’t know if I’m more shocked by what happened or amazed that the kid pulled it off. You’ve experienced your first Hillcrest meet cute, Evey. Welcome.


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