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The big releases this week are Prisoners and Thanks for Sharing. Neither was dazzling. Prisoners did a hell of a job giving us cloudy skies with 100% chance of wincing, and Thanks for Sharing did a hell of a job giving us sex addicts with a heart. But the real gems this week are at the art house.

You have to be in a certain mood for Museum Hours, granted. It's...not lively. But neither is it as purely contemplative as, say, 90 minutes spent gazing at paintings in a museum. I think I could go just to listen to Bobby Sommer's voiceover work: that honeyed voice, that measured cadence, those fine observations and wistful memories. "I had my share of loud," says the band manager turned museum guard. "Now I have my share of quiet." I love the way he rediscovers the beauties of his own city by introducing it to someone else. I love the way aesthetic experience begins to tinge the heroine's everyday life. But yeah - not lively. Meditative. Slow, even.

Now, You Will Be My Son - that's lively. Or at least livelier. There aren't any explosions or anything. But there is plenty of family drama amid the cool, polished elegance of a Bordeaux wine estate. A poisoned stew of fathers and sons, seasoned with just a touch of mother for piquancy. I liked it.

Over on Scott's side of things, Mr. Marks once again champions a dark little thriller that most folks don't love, giving four stars to A Single Shot. I think everyone should give it a chance, if only because Scott's super smart about movies and Sam Rockwell is a delightful actor. But that's just me.

Speaking of championing the unloved: he liked Salinger! A lot of other people didn't. I can't get my son to read Catcher in the Rye. I guess books are for phonies, now. It's probably for the best.

OH WAIT I FORGOT: You need to go see The Wizard of Oz in 3D on the big IMAX screen. That is all.

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monaghan Sept. 20, 2013 @ 6:06 p.m.

Books ARE for phonies! Haven't you had your open house yet at the kid's public school? They're not reading literature anymore, they're deconstructing practical texts that kids will need to understand when they're a cog in some corporate operation one day. Corporate -- as in "Common Core curriculum," coming soon to your state, along with new tests, all taken on i-pads. Throw out the old -- all of it -- and in with the new!


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