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I remember my first high school film festival. Our teacher, Miss Peiffer, plunked a creaky 16mm Bell & Howell Autoload on a card table in the back of the school gymnasium, pointed the projection beam in the general direction of a sheet taped to the wall, and called it cinema. It's a good thing the shorts weren't budgeted for sound. The audio would have bounced around the cavernous space like a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer, had the noise from the projector's ancient gears not been there to drown it out.

Such is not the fate for budding filmmakers attending San Diego High School where they travel strictly first cabin. Every year, the school rents out Landmark's Ken Cinema for a showcase of final projects projected on the big screen. What a lovely way to honor the students' hard work and commitment.

The festival, which is open to the public, takes place this Sunday, June 2, from 10:30am to 12:30pm. For those of you who have taken up permanent residence under a rock, the Ken Cinema -- San Diego's glorious last remaining single screen house -- is located at 4061 Adams Ave. Admission is free, but limited to a first-come, first-served basis. For more information call (619) 525-7464.

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