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Here is a unique film event for local cinephiles to support. This could be your chance to meet the the next Scorsese, or at least DePalma.

"Lights! Camera! Acne!" La Jolla High School rolls out the red carpet tonight at 7pm for their second annual film festival. Submissions were due by May 3 and many students at LJHS spent Spring Break making movies.

Students were given two directives: their films couldn't run over 10 minutes and -- in order to add a sense of continuation -- each short had to include a bag (paper, not plastic). Expect somewhere around 10 shorts to be screened.


In order to help acclimate students to the inevitable awards ceremonies that come part and parcel with making movies, participants will vie for cash and prizes. In this instance, don't listen to your teachers, kids. Take it from your old pal, Scotty: Art shouldn't compete. Move the audience. Smuggle in your messages. Tell your story with pictures. Buy a tripod and resist the temptation to film everything in closeup.

Whatever you do, do not make movies in order to take home a trophy. And always put yourself before the audience. They once asked animation guru Chuck Jones if his cartoons were designed for kids or adults. He said something to the effect, "I make them for myself. If I like them, I trust that my audience will, too."

The La Jolla High School Film Festival kicks off at 7pm at Parker Auditorium, 750 Nautilus St. Admission is $5. Visit the school's Facebook page for more information.

Take a look at last year's winning entry:



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