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You remember Kubricking, right? Becoming obsessed with a particular artistic creation, past the point of reason, even, possibly, past the point of artistic merit? (See also: Peter Jackson and nine hours of The Hobbit, James Cameron and nothing but Avatar movies from here on out, and perhaps most famously, George Lucas and Star Wars I-III.)

For Kubrick, the creation was a film about a short French dude who liked military conquest and stinky women, one Napoleon Bonaparte. His devotion to the project, which was never realized, was apparently great enough to merit a $3,000 book on the subject:

SPECIAL VIEWING BONUS: You can watch the book(s) get unboxed right here:

You can also purchase a much, much less expensive single-volume version, maybe, here.

But of course, the day is fast approaching when the subtitle The Greatest Movie Never Made will be a wild misnomer, when the only subtitle that gets at the real truth of the matter will be, The Greatest Movie Ever Made into a Mini-Series by Steven Spielberg, Director of the Historical Masterpieces Lincoln, Amistad, Munich, Schindler's List, and War Horse.

As for the precise definition of Spielberging, I'll let Mr. Marks take that one.

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