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The summer of 1977 saw my first road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles. My buddy and I stayed at the Nomad, a little motel on Sunset, tucked away from the noise of the 405. Before VCRs came into existence, I used to place the microphone of my compact cassette recorder up to the television speaker, hit 'play' and 'record' simultaneously, and tape the audio portion of the program.

My handy recorder was along for the ride and for years, the audio from a 30-second commercial was enough to convince all naysayers that (at least in this case) I wasn't crazy.

Alfred Hitchcock touting The Six Million Dollar Man?! What they couldn't see was Hitchcock lift a truck with one hand or watch as the Man Of Quiche soared through the air like Superman.

I was certain that this clip would never pass my way again, but as we have all learned the easy way, everything is on YouTube!

The special effects notwithstanding, they save the biggest laugh for the end. Poor Hitch was so bored -- or was it the screwdrivers doing the talking? -- that he flubbed a line and had to return to the studio for a one-word redub. Listen carefully to the last word of the last sentence Hitch delivers. It's a Universal Studios tour de force!

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Colonna June 25, 2013 @ 4:56 p.m.

With a big HitchCOCK on it.... great find, Scott!


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