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The six actors who have portrayed James Bond over the years were invited by the Academy to stand together on one stage for the first time in history. One has vowed not to appear.

Here is the Bond Honor Roll (minus Woody Allen):

  1. Sean Connery
  2. George Lazenby
  3. Roger Moore
  4. Timothy Dalton
  5. Pierce Brosnan
  6. Daniel Craig

Let's see...Daniel Craig is the Bond of the hour, so it's hard to imagine him snubbing the franchise.

Who is kicking down Lazenby or Dalton's doors with offers of work? Both will gladly appear in exchange for a hot bowl of soup.

Roger Moore will no doubt show up and do for Oscar what he did for Bond: sleepwalk through the proceedings.

Sean Connery once professed to not knowing the names of the 7 Bond flicks he appeared in, yet even he agreed to attend.

It's Pierce Brosnan, a tailor made 007 if ever there was one. After his fourth appearance as the dapper spy, the producers chose not to re-sign him making Brosnan the first Bond asked to leave the franchise.

Brosnan has the looks, but not the material. According to IMBD, "Brosnan's last three Bond films were the only ones in the series to not take more than five times their cost." Die Another Day is as bad a Bond picture as any you're likely to find. Brosnan's finest performance as the private eye is in the greatest unofficial Bond film ever made, John Boorman's The Tailor of Panama.

Brosnan has nothing but high praise for his fellow Bonds, with the exception of 007 one-shot, George Lazanby of whom he said, "George is just an angry, old, pissed-off guy. He was never an actor, but some pissed-off Aussie who doesn't know how to show his feminine side. I met him, and he's got that kind of brittle edge to him."

Here's what the actor had to say about the Oscar Bond Rally when stopped by TMZ.

Pierce Brosnan -- Is He the Bond Reunion Holdout? - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe
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dwbat Feb. 11, 2013 @ 4:13 p.m.

Years ago I was in a West Hollywood cafe eating dinner with a couple of friends, when Pierce Brosnan and his then wife Cassandra Harris sat down in the booth next to ours. He was starring in the TV series "Remington Steele" at the time. Brosnan wasn't a great Bond but this was a really fine show that fit his talents and charm. Yes, he gave the waitress his autograph.



Scott Marks Feb. 11, 2013 @ 5:45 p.m.

He would have been Bond a lot earlier were it not for "Remington Steele."

I found this on IMBD: "Brosnan was originally chosen to play 007 in 1986 and was given the script to 'The Living Daylights' (1987). Although he was contracted to 'Remington Steele' (1982) for seven seasons, NBC decided to cancel the show at the end of the fourth season, which meant that Brosnan was free to play James Bond in 'The Living Daylights' (1987) the following year. However, shortly after the end of the fourth season, NBC had second thoughts about canceling 'Remington Steele' and subsequently approached the Bond producers directly in an attempt to strike a deal that would allow Brosnan to play both James Bond and Remington Steele the following year. NBC also offered to completely reschedule the shooting of Remmington Steele to ensure that there were no scheduling conflicts. But eventually, Albert Broccoli famously told NBC that "James Bond will not be Remington Steele and Remington Steele will not be James Bond." Accordingly, Brosnan would only play Bond if the show remained canceled. NBC had a 60 day deadline to revoke their decision to cancel Remmington Steele series and at 6.30pm on the 60th day of the deadline, Brosnan learned that NBC decided to make a fifth season. So, the role of the new James Bond went to Timothy Dalton. NBC went on to make only six episodes of the fifth season of 'Remington Steele' before finally canceling the show for good."

This, too: "After being chosen to play James Bond, Brosnan wasn't allowed to wear a tuxedo in any other film. This posed a problem for the wardrobe staff of 'The Thomas Crown Affair' (1999)."


Burwell Feb. 11, 2013 @ 7:41 p.m.

You forgot David Niven. He played Bond in Casino Royale.


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