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This winner of the this year's best "Gee, I didn't know it was loaded" excuse goes to born-againer Dinesh D'Souza, co-director of 2012's biggest grossing documentary, 2016: Obama's America.

While attending a conference on Christian values in late September, D'Souza introduced his date, Denise Odie Joseph II, as his fiancé. The only problem is Dixie Brubaker, D'Souza's soon-to-be-divorced wife of 20 years.

"I had no idea that it is considered wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced, even though in a state of separation and in divorce proceedings," pants-on-fire D'Souza told Christianity Today magazine. "Obviously I would not have introduced Denise as my fiancee at a Christian apologetics conference if I had thought or known I was doing something wrong."

Of course not! You'd have pretended she was a fellow documentarian, sort of like Rielle Hunter.

Remember Isaiah 46:10, Dinesh? You know, the part about, "I make known the end from the beginning?" (Look at me quoting scripture. I have been hanging out with Lickona for too long.) You may find it easy to fool a bunch of conservative revelers, but do you really think the (wo)man upstairs is going to turn a blind eye to your philandering?

Even though he doesn't believe his actions are inappropriate, D'Souza still saw fit to resign as president of The King's College in New York City.


The conservative political commentator and author is no stranger to Republican tail. In the past, the poor guy has been romantically linked to human saltpeter Ann Coulter and talk radio yente Laura Ingraham.

I never bothered with the film. In his one star review, Mr. Lickona said, "What began as an intriguing assessment of a powerful, enigmatic man ends as a political ad for the party of Anyone But Obama." That was more than enough to keep me away.

Hopefully Mitt Romney's gag writers have heard about D'Souza's unfortunate transgression and can find a way to pin blame on President Obama during tonight's debate.

[Source: The Daily Mail]

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sandiegocynic Oct. 25, 2012 @ 6:12 p.m.

What's that photo on Joseph's desk? It looks like a wedding picture. Was she married too?


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