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Pam Sisneros, one of the proprietors of San Diego's family-owned treasure, Kensington Video, wants to make one thing perfectly clear. "We are not closing our doors on Sundays due to a lack of business," Pam told me earlier today. "We like to have a family member present at all times. With my parents Rich and Winnie getting up in years, it gives us a little wiggle room to spend our Sundays together as a family."

If you are still having your evening's entertainment choices dictated by a draped, red metal coffin in front of a 7-11, you owe it to yourself to visit our town's world class video emporium. If they don't stock a VHS or DVD rental copy, chances are it has never been released on home video. And if a title doesn't readily come to mind, their expert staff have a way helping to find what you're looking for.


While you're there, please send my love to Winnie, Kensington's premier entrepreneur, and the feistiest, funniest video store clerk you'll ever encounter. Here's an ice-breaker for you: "Hey, Winnie. I hear you're a Charles Bronson fan." Just sit back and let the live theatre begin as Winnie goes off on Chuck in a manner similar to the glow that overtakes my being whenever Marty's name comes up.

In light of all her years of unflagging service, I give Ms. Sisneros the last word: "I want everyone to know how grateful we are for their support of our mom and pop business and hope to be of service to the community for many more years to come!"

UPDATE! Here is what they are saying about this story on Facebook:

Brian Silva: "It should be turned into a public video library and bought by the city as a public service."

Danny Baldwin: "Yeah, independent video stores are actually doing pretty well, with dissatisfaction in Netflix and Blockbuster at such record highs. At least in areas where there is enough hunger for the back catalog."

George Weinberg-Harter: "Just returned a copy of 'Dodsworth' to them!"

Paul Quesnell: "How is this place still open? BTW, their hours suck."

Scott Marks: "Noon to 7 or 8, 6 days a week are 'sucky' hours? Maybe for a vampire or a meth addict, but the rest of us seem to make due. Sometimes you have to work for your art."

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