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This week, David Elliott goes down with the ship a second time, and the experience takes him back: "I sat alone in San Diego’s single-screen Cinema 21 in Mission Valley, surrounded by what seemed like 10,000 empty seats. The vast Titanic rolled over me, on its way to its fabled finish and a global gross of $1.8 billion. I recall thinking later that the movie should be revived on the centennial of the ship’s sinking — which comes this Sunday, April 15."

Aw, it looks like some dreams do come true! Titanic is back, and in 3D, though that's not the part that delights Elliott's heart. "Cameron’s genius was not in the effects, which is why the new doodads are only extras." Rather, "It was in finding the perfect young stars to install a heart into the ship, the romance, and the tragedy." My favorite part (of the review) is when he calls the film's weak spots "bubbles in the backwash."

Down at the other end of the cinematical transportation scale from the world's biggest boat, we have The Kid with a Bike. It's also at the other end of the sentimentality scale. "No surprise, for it is from the brilliant Belgians, Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. Again their theme is youth and family life in peril. Again we are pulled into their lucidly beautiful, often hand-held shots."

Sentiment comes up again, albeit in a sticky sort of complicated way, in Bully: "[Director] Hirsch has the TV-news impulse to wait for the tears. He caught some bullying with hidden cameras and some adults who ought to lose their jobs. By finally resorting to a rally and speeches and more tears, he falls into the arms of obviousness." Hm.

And the reunited American Pie crew? "The men find their inner 18, the women are more like 22 facing 40." Hm, indeed.

In the capsules: Cabin in the Woods and Damsels in Distress. I should have something up tomorrow for Blue Like Jazz and Detention - and hopefully even Bad Ass.

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