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Aw, lookit us, all growed up. Fishbowl LA's treatment of ArcLight's arrival in San Diego is, shall we say, not the same as Mr. Marks'.


To wit: Fishbowl thinks it's nice that ArcLight is arriving because "it’s basically a cinematic wasteland outside of Hillcrest. This Fishie remembers waiting in line to see Pan’s Labyrinth in San Diego and being stuck alongside every pretentious, self-congratulatory intellectual asshole in the city–all 20 of them. Hopefully the ArcLight will help spread those folks out a bit."

San Diego: sadly lacking in pretentious, self-congratulatory intellectual assholes since 1888. But seriously, Fishbowl: did you never make it to the Ken in Kensington? To Landmark La Jolla Village? To La Paloma in Encinitas? To the occasional interesting entries at Horton Plaza or the Gaslamp theater? No? Oh.

Bloggin' ain't easy, I guess. Especially when your head is so firmly lodged in your own pretentious, self-congratulatory intellectual...opinion.

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