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Summer camp was a real thrill, let me tell you. Seven hours a day trapped in a clammy forest preserve, plagued by hordes of carniverous mosquitos the size of Stuka dive bombers, and nothing to sustain me but musty baloney sandwiches (the humidity was such that it would cause the Baggie to meld with the bread) and rusted well-water. For "entertainment" we would hit a ball with a stick, cause horses to go barefoot long enough for campers to pitch their u-shaped shoes on a spike or, come arts and crafts time, turn an empty tuna can into an eye-catching jewelry box for mom. The only bright ray was when it would rain and they'd pack us into a yellow short bus and head to the movies.

Why wasn't there a Media Arts Center San Diego when I was a kid?


This year's Summer Youth Media & Tech Camps will teach your budding young Scorseses and Penny Marshalls everything they need to know about using camcorders to make a short film. The camp will also instill everlasting knowledge about music recording and stop-motion animation. In spite of weeks of begging, they still refused my offer to lead a daylong seminar on Craft Services selection, cell phone throwing, the art of overtime, and how to say "It's not my job" in 47 languages.

For those of you not up to speed on the local film scene, the Media Arts Center is home of the San Diego Latino Film Festival. Their annual movie camp is geared for kids between the ages of 9-14 and the weeklong sessions begin on June 27. For more information contact Morgan Sully, (619) 230-1938 ext. 100.


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Colonna May 19, 2011 @ 5:24 p.m.

Scorsese and PENNY MARSHALL in the SAME sentence???

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Sometimesssss you laughhhhh, sometimeeeess you frownnnnn...


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