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His beneficence, Star Wars' star whore George Lucas, has decided to bless his minions -- and make a few million mansion payments -- by bestowing upon them 40 additional hours of heretofore unseen (irrelevant?) material for the September 16 release of the six-film serial on Blu-ray.


40 hours? I thought that was the amount of time the actors didn't spend cavorting before a green screen during the filming of Parts I- III combined? How much more of this light, industrial nostalgia-for-sale can Lucas possibly have left hidden around the Skywalker Ranch? Did he capture and preserve the cast's daily teeth-flossing?

Let's hope grabby George rewards his parishioners with five new minutes from each of the original films, five hours from the prequels, five hours worth of Clone Wars, and plenty of time left over for Hayden Christensen soliloquies and Jar Jar Binks.


"Throw him to the Ewoks!"

Wait three months and instead of coughing up $139.99 retail (pre-order it at Amazon for $89.99), you'll find Star Wars: The Complete Saga at Big!Lots, repackaged as six stand-alones for under twenty-bucks.


Bob Hope (in what should have been an Emmy Award-winning performance) as "Barf Vader"

Hey, I wanna' tell ya', I'd pay twice the price if they were to include an HD transfer (with a newly-mastered DTS 7.1 laugh-track) of Scar Wars, a nutty yule log from Bob "Barf Vader" Hope's 1977 Christmas extravaganza. Hey, how 'bout that Olivia Newton-John in the Princess Leia role, huh? Idn't she something?


For those of you not faint-of-heart, here is the entire skit void of color and intentional laughs.


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tward77 Aug. 14, 2011 @ 9:45 a.m.

Hahahahahaha! Definitely funnier (and less depressing) than "The Star Wars Holiday Special" from 1978.

Even as a devout SW fan, even I'm shocked there's still footage us nerds have yet to graverob.


Colonna Aug. 14, 2011 @ 11:52 a.m.

40 hours? Thank God I don't have a Blu-Ray player...

And I wanna tell ya, that screen capture of me is wild, ain't that somethin'? That's the gaze that drove Sally Fox out of her ever-lovin' mind!


Thanks for the memory, Lucas wants more dough And now you'll have to owe $70 or more to see 40 hours of extra show George thanks you soooooooo much...



Scott Marks Aug. 14, 2011 @ 4:11 p.m.

I put the same amount of time and care into selecting that frame as I would a piece of fine jewelry.


STAR_WARS_FANATIC Aug. 27, 2011 @ 9:14 p.m.

hey hater, why do you gotta rag on Star Wars so much, and on George Lucas for releasing the saga on blu-ray? Its not like 1,000s of other directors & studios are going back into their collections to release 1,000s of other movies on blu-ray, movies that really sucked or that people dont give a damn about. Oftentimes on some of these blu-rays, all they are doing is adding was a few deleted scene and/or directors' and/or actors commentary, but more the most part, it is the same thing that is already out on DVD, and THAT IS RIPPING OFF THE CONSUMERS.

But George Lucas had his company spend a couple YEARS to find over 40 hours worth of NEW content he feels is worthy of being released. I am sure there is LOTS of stuff he is still leaving on the cutting room floor. Us Fan-boys are upset it took him this long to release the saga on blue ray . We wanted it out two years ago, but we are happy that Lucasfilm took the time to create a quality product worthy of our money. SO he is giving us 9 discs for $90 (if you pre-order from Amazon).

You know what I do what I hear about a movie I did not care for being released blu-ray? I DONT BUY IT! I dont go online and complain about why so-and-so released THAT movie on blu-ray, how they are just trying to rip off their fans for more money. But if you break it down, $90 for 9 discs (6 for the movies and 3 discs containing over 40+ hours of bonus features ) that comes out to only $10 per disc or $2 per hour of bonus content. That is very reasonable for blu-rays, considering new films can cost up to $30 for a single 3-hour movie, with no bonus features, or only two deleted scenes.

So I was thrilled when I went to Celebration last year and heard the announcement from George that the blu-rays are coming. I am happy my wait is almost over. I did not even purchase a blu-ray player until this year, AFTER I pre-ordered the Star Wars blu-rays ... SO I actually committed to buying the discs before I had something to play them on ... I probably will not purchase many blu-rays of movies that I already own on DVD, but Star Wars is one of the exceptions ...

If you dont like the movies, or are happy watching watching them whenever them are shown on Spike, or if you already own them on in another format that you are happy with, then dont buy the blu-rays. If you dont want 40 hours of bonus content and only want the six movies, you can pre-order each trilogy for $45 each, and not get all the bonus content. If you think they will be available @ Big Lots for a total $20 in three months, then dont buy them now and wait ... I would not hold my breath waiting, but feel free to do so and let me know in January how that turned out for you You are acting as if someone put a gun to your head and said "you must buy these blu-rays!" ... but if you feel that it is a rip-off, the shut up, DONT BUY IT, and leave us alone so us FANS can enjoy or blu-rays when they arrive on September 16th.


STAR_WARS_FANATIC Aug. 27, 2011 @ 9:15 p.m.

Dont forget George Lucas revolutionized the movie making industry both times he released an new Star Wars trilogy. He spent almost ten years working on each trilogy, If George Lucas makes some money for all his years of hard work, a franchise he has devoted almost half his life to, he deserves it!!!! If us Fans are willing to spend our money on new versions of movies that we love, that is our choice ... nobody is forcing us to do it.

Besides, Lucas has put lots of the money he has made from Star Wars, back into the entertainment industry, between creating ILM and LucasArts and Skywalker Ranch ... from the Prequal Trilogy to The Clone Wars animated series or developing a live-action Star Wars television series. One reason he waited over a decade to create the Prequel Trilogy was that he waited until CGI technology was sufficient enough that he could create the movies in the manner that he wanted.

George has said he has fifty hours of scripts written for his live action show, but it would currently be too expensive to produce the way he wants to do it. So he is waiting and trying to develop new technology that will let him produce a television show in theater-like quality. And if successful, it will bring the cost of producing movies and television down, and he will once again revolutionize the movie making industry,


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