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"We finished our sixth film, all shot in San Diego," says Scumbag Movies co-owner Leia Gadow. "We're doing a limited DVD release, available through our website [http://www.scumbagmovies.com] with four different covers, each hand silk screened by the filmmakers."

The documentary, Transtastic, follows three straight transvestites around town as they go about their daily lives. "Through interviews," says Gadow, "we learn about their unexpected ideals and relationships with one another."

One film clip shows one quite-unshaven longhaired gentleman named Chuck applying lipstick in a bathroom mirror. "My makeup is definitely a work in progress. I have a lot of trouble with my makeup. I can't seem to find the right way to put it on, or the right tones...I've lost all my fake eyelashes that I used to borrow Amy's, my wife, but that's not an option any more."

Another hirsute gentleman donning a wig and ladies gear explains "One day I tried on one of my mom's gowns, I was probably about 12 or 13, and something about it just felt right." After confessing that he'd sleep in his mom's nightie, setting his alarm to wake him an hour before her so he could secretly return it to her room, "I definitely knew something was a little bit different."

Yet another fellow, this one seated in a living room next to a pink lawn flamingo and fully, um, tranvested, says simply "I want to live in a society where I won't be judged for how I chose to live my life. I want to live in a society where I can freely wear the clothing that I want to wear and not be discriminated against."

According to the heavily tattooed redhead Gadow, "Scumbag Movies' mission is to provide a unique visual experience to an audience who craves an element outside the Hollywood mainstream. We write, produce, direct, act in, shoot, and edit all of our titles. Our guerrilla films are for people looking for something bizarre and outside the box office."


All the company's movies are titles are unrated and contain all or some of the following: violence, gore, nudity, sexual content, strong and politically incorrect language.


Image Titles include the rockabilly tune-filled Homemade Monster (which debuted at the 2010 Fright Night Film Fest ), the Seat Sniffer ("A day in the life of a meth addict pervert"), and Scumbag: The Musical ("A rapist and his victim fall in love").

Image The company has also shot music videos for groups like Aimon ("Exu Rei"), the Shaolin Signal (self-titled), and the Jim Rowdy Show ("Hey Father").


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