When I first moved to San Diego I remember saying to a friend that I wanted to live in Banker’s Hill. I loved the hills and dales of the once strictly professional district. With its historical houses and homeless people alike, Banker’s Hill defines the word character. I truly don’t believe that dull or quiet is in its vocabulary. There is always something to hear from endless airplanes and people trying to start their cars, this downtown neighborhood is quite the gathering from people of all ages and backgrounds. We live in a building where the norm is alternative and the streets are a haven for traffic and bus stops.

I remember falling asleep my first night and then was practically startled out of my bed when I heard , what I thought was another attack on America, which was actually a FedEx airplane coming in at 4am. I now don’t really sleep well without the noise. I am forever in need of noise I guess. There is a method to the madness. One distinct ritual and a unique example is that once a month on a Friday night, there are hundreds of cyclist ringing their bells and yelling throughout the night air. I wonder where do they start from and where are they going? Why down my street?

There are also the people…. from homeless to highly intoxicated, there are the silent and not so silent types that never seem to not be around. I have found my favorite homeless man whom I endorse from time to time at my local Starbucks. The restaurants are far and in between which is my only concern with Bankers Hill. It is either a five start restaurant or a $2 taco shop. The middle ground is needed. Which leads me to my final and most memorable characteristic about my neighborhood and also where a lot of my hard earned money has gone to; the parking….

I have had my car towed 3 times, and yes I have learned my lesson. I have had about 5 parking tickets and yes I have learned that one too. I feel that being a parking enforcer in BH is probably a dream come true for these folk. They must think that they have died and gone to parking heaven with their ticketing and towing. If you own a car and live in BH, beware! Rules do apply and are enforced heavily. With that being said it has taught me responsibility and respect for the suburban driveway which I dream of.

However having a loft in Bankers Hill isn’t that torturous. We do see the fireworks in the summer and see the sunsets in the winter and occasionally see that entertaining fight from two Neanderthals getting out of the local bar. I never said that Banker’s Hill was boring just noisy and like I said…. I can’t sleep or live without it for that matter. Thanks Banker’s Hill for teaching me about life. Now shut the hell up!!!!


johnegger23 Feb. 23, 2009 @ 3:43 p.m.

"that entertaining fight from two Neanderthals getting out of the local bar"

Which bar?


JohnnyVegas Feb. 23, 2009 @ 7:04 p.m.

Living in Banker Hill was one of the best places I have lived in San Diego. Lived right off of Laurel on Front Street.

Lots of homeless people from the park, and some crime, but had a subterranian garage and never had my car tyowed or any other problems.

Really enjioyed BH.

Is Hob Nob Hill still there?????


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