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Free for all who wish to use, here’s a list of band names I’ve been dreaming up, all so far unused (as far as I know). I designed many for maximum internet search possibilities and cult tie-in potential – if anyone ends up getting rich and/or famous using any of my band names, I expect you to at least buy me a large pizza, and maybe a Porsche.

Oh yeah, I design band logos too, so maybe hire me for that.... — Jay Allen Sanford, March 2009


Danish Plato

Watchers From the Blind

P Test

Duodnym Duo

Same To You Bud

Why You I Oughtta

George LeRoy Tirebiter

Logan’s Sun

Rizzuto’s Revenge

The Hell You Say

Sickon U

Strapon Dickoff

Schwing Kings of Bling


Manos Hand of Fate

Zoey Loves Zeus

Aaark Aaark

The Steekin Badgers

There’s No Need To Fear

Restless Natives

Nightmare Feet

The Saggy Baggies

My Fellow Terrariums

Pudding Pipers

Things Won’t Leave


Not Wearing Pants

Spa Fon

Squa Tront

Quitcher Wining

Opposing Bums


Icy London

Icy France

Eye See Eeew

I.C. Underpants

He’s Dead Jim

Giant Rats of Sumatra

Monsters Due

Orion Slave Traders

Jenna’s Douche

Way 2 Bigg

Mylar Zone

Bees, She Sees

Lionel and the Security Blankets

Thank You Mask Man

So Far So What

Zoso Mofos

The Whoop Woops

Jerkin Gerkins

WTF Whitey

Alba’s Abs

Overlord Obscura

Yorga Counts

I Said Goode Daye

Broken GayDar




Tara La Bouvier

The Shoephones

Tents On Fire

Bitten by Barnabas

Attaway Castaway

Jay Men Forever

Beware of Torgo

Milk Me Dammit

Freaky Fantasm

Phrankly Phinks

Wish You Were Beer

It Takes Beef

Coconut Radio

Eggplant Revenge

I Got a Rock

Who Killed Todd Loren?

The Phoneups

The Homegrownups

Minor Murders

Max Madder

Themes of Josette

Chef Schweaty

The Shaft Workers

Scary Serling

Servants of Sexploitation

Cathouse Theater

The Hairy Poms

See Thru U (abbreviated as C/U)  

Put That Thing Away

Robert’s Ridge

Munchin Brady

Mystic Hamburg Highway

Future Faire

Joel VS Mike

Miss B. Natural

Psycho Tsunami

The Friendly Giants

The Fraidy Scats

Sax Afire

Margo Escargot

The Pullout Nows

Nobody For President

Ducking Howard

Bare Whiz

The Golden Hind


Kitten Kundalini

Bunches of Hooey

Knot Insane

Fuggit Forgot


Fleas on Feet

Peeble’s Pet

Wholly Moley

Klondike Kittens

Cheez Toe

Demons of Demi


The Tube Grooves

Groovy Groo Bees

Bozo Buskers

The Dwarf Crushers

Rotten Cratchet

Cartman’s Probe

More Science High


See Sigmund

The Vulcan Itch

Whynot Measles

Ribsey’s Treat

Clams Got Legs


Highway Bloody Hwy


Whacko Mole

R.U. Nutts

Tearaway Newsome



Eyes of Bohemia

Duz Not Die

Know Duh

Nose Hoes

Harden Gardens

Ghostly Trioka

Takeout Wrenched Ankle  

Gallery of Night

Lowbrow Unibrow

The Unibrowser

Bundy’s Bride

Buddy Buddha Breath

Zeta Zilch

The Beta Rays



The Crankups

Indoor Outhouse

Freddie Fullasheet

Return of Mr. Hand

Faster Phoebe and the Fallouts

Wot the Hey

V.A. Jay Jay

Gamma Made Me Green

Collector’s Attrition

Lela’s Eyeball

Tubby La Mesa

Finches of Attica

Busted Chifarobe

Busted by Boo

The Tumblin’ Tombstones

Stewie Luvs Rupert

The Giggity-gigs


Pigga Fuggen Name


IT'S DONE!!!! And growing every hour....

If you wanna see a list of over 1,3000 San Diego performers, with links to full profiles, photos, discographies, articles, MP3s, etc, checkout http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/search/

Believe it or not, you can click on ANY MUSICIAN'S NAME, and bring up a list of every notable band they've ever been in!

AND, if that wasn't cool 'nuff, click on an instrument, like "drums" - BAM, a list of EVERY DRUMMER IN SAN DIEGO!!!

We've been working on this massively cross-linked Local Music Database for over two years now, covering a century of San Diego history --- if you're a local performer who wants to add or edit a page, go to http://www.sandiegoreader.com/band/edit/

More anon!!!! JAS


Record Release Roundup

Folding Mr. Lincoln’s release party for their debut album Within My Reach happens March 21 at Rebecca’s coffeehouse in South Park, and the band will play two shows at next month’s Adams Avenue folk and roots fest. “Nancy [Mestyanek, vocals/percussion] and I have expanded the band to a five-piece,” says bandleader Harry Mestyanek. “We’ll play the album live, with guest singers Cathryn Beeks, Randi Driscoll, and guest guitarist Jon Lawton.” The band’s singing fiddler Alicia Previn is the daughter of noted symphony conductor Andre Previn.

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jeff Berkley (of Berkley Hart) at Berkley Sound, Within My Reach will be available at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, through Verizon, and at foldingmisterlincoln.com.


U.K. transplant Taz Taylor releases his new album Straight Up on March 27, featuring his self-named band’s new singer Keith Slack, formerly of the Michael Schenker Group (who replaces another MSG vet, Graham Bonnet). Guest players include Don Airey (Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne).

Cotton Fever’s release party for their album Tall Tales of the West happens March 28 at Two Roses Tattoo on Logan Avenue.

Realcide release their new CD/LP on March 29.

Bobby Fantasy’s new album (recorded at Jason Hee’s studio) is being prepared for release; he appears March 29 at O’Connells.

The new CD from fusion jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall, A New Day, debuts March 29, with a release party at Humphrey’s. Yandall informs, “I’ll have a guest keyboardist, Kevin Flournoy, an amazing player and producer who tours the world with the Pointer Sisters and Harvey Mason.” The Samoan-born, Michigan-bred Yandall appears regularly at local casinos, a sometimes thankless gig. “A manager at one place — who’s not there anymore — told me to tell the band to turn down, since the people were there for the food and not to listen to us. Makes you feel really special.” A New Day will be available at Amazon, CD Baby, and at patrickyandall.com.

A.J. Croce releases Cage of Muses March 31.

The gigaholics of Likewize are holding a release party for their debut album Real Livin’ on April 3, at 710 Beach Club. “I moved out to San Diego because I’m in the Navy and had orders to the USS Nimitz about three years ago,” says bassist Matt Albrecht, who currently serves a shore command at the 32nd street base.

Albrecht says the local music scene differs from where he grew up near Austin, Texas. “Instead of beach and reggae music, in Austin you’ll see country rock. The biggest difference is the most popular bands in Austin are local original bands, and in San Diego it’s the cover and tribute bands.” Real Livin’ (self-released by Likewize) contains ten tracks and will be available via MySpace, iTunes, likewizemusic.net, and CDs sold at shows.

Nickel Creek fiddler-gone-solo Sara Watkins releases her self-titled debut, produced by Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, on April 7.

As I Lay Dying release a three-DVD set, This Is Who We Are, on April 14, which includes performances taped at the Jumping Turtle in San Marcos.

The Drabs are nearly done with a new album containing ten songs, some of which can be heard when they play March 21 at the Beauty Bar.

Locals with upcoming record release info, please send details thru the Reader link or to me at [email protected] -



From the Tower Bar's MySpace blog, March 21:


The rebuilding of the tower on top of The Tower Bar and Tower Tattoo Parlor is almost complete.  Built to the exact dimensions of the original, it will stand 110 feet high.

 The “Euclid tower” was a spire that loomed as a local icon for nearly seven decades until 1999, when the city of San Diego ordered it torn down because it was leaning precariously.
With $225,000 in city redevelopment funds, a South Bay firm was contracted to build an aluminum-alloy replacement of the original wooden tower, designed in 1930s art-deco style to resemble New York's Empire State Building.
The replica was trucked in sections from Chula Vista and hoisted by crane to its rightful perch atop the namesake Tower Bar on University Avenue just east of Euclid Avenue.
The tower's history is almost as colorful as the spire eventually became. Erected in 1932, it rose 110 feet above what was then a hamburger drive-in at the end of the former trolley line from downtown San Diego.
Bob Kennedy, City Heights project manager for San Diego's redevelopment agency, said replacing the tower was one of the most requested and least costly projects identified by community groups in a five-year plan adopted in 2003. Some $20 million to $30 million worth of improvements are planned for the area over the next three to five five years with local property-tax revenue that, as redevelopment funds, must be reinvested back into City Heights.
What it will raise is community morale, said Enrique Gandarilla, executive director of the City Heights Business Association.
“It's a symbol of the revitalization that's taking place in City Heights,” he said. “Every community has special landmarks. For us, this is once again going to be one of those.”
A celebration is planned for Monday, April 20th 2009.  San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders, is scheduled to speak


A NOTE FROM ROBIN HENKEL: "My new Egg video is complete and viewable on YouTube.

"A year ago, I wrote a funny song about eggs and chickens.  Right off the bat, people liked it.  I could tell it had potential for the making of a silly video. A year later, after at least six video shoots, hours of editing and planning (which amounts mostly to getting goofy ideas, gagging around and laughing at ourselves), the video is in a presentable form on YouTube. So if you are up for a little uplifting 'cluck cluck' or a big fat 'pacauck!' check it out.  Especially if you are having a crappy day at work.  Watch my video and tell your boss 'I want egg!'"
****************************************** CHRISTIAN COMES AGAIN - 21ST CENTURY RECORDING CUTS OUT THE MEDDLE-MAN

San Diego Recording Studio

“Three years ago,” says recording engineer Christian Cummings, “seventy-five percent of my income came from producing records and twenty-five percent from mixing. Now, it's the opposite. The personal computer has revolutionized the world of recording.” Cummings, who also plays with Crash Encore, says that performers who record at home aren’t necessarily qualified to produce and mix. “Software like Pro Tools can be learned by reading and trying, but then there are recording techniques like mic placement, EQ, compression, and all the other sonic factors outside the computer. Those skills can only be learned by listening, studying, practicing, ear training, and style development…the recording techniques used by George Martin and the Beatles differ greatly from what Kiss did with Bob Ezrin, or even what Kings of Leon do.” Despite the decline of studio recording, Cummings feels he’ll still earn money mixing. “New technology cost me work, but it also allows me to offer my final mixes at a cheaper price…services that once required $30,000 worth of equipment can mostly be accomplished now with $5,000 worth of gear.” He says his current fees run “Between $10,000 and nothing. To put that into perspective, platinum multi-Grammy winning mixers can charge $10,000 per song…now, we can mix a whole album within a day, maybe costing the client $500.” Christian Cummings began performing live at age 15 in Hollywood. By his early 20s, he'd already shared the stage with everyone from the Foo Fighters to Snoop Dogg, as well as performing in hiw own bands, Tailgunner and Crash Encore. After graduating SDSU, he joined up with local mainman Bryan Stratman at Capricorn Studios, to hone his skills as a recordist. recording-gear-hybrid-room Cummings teaches occasional recording workshops at the Signature Sound recording studio. "This might sound strange based on the current trends," he says, "but I have no intention of covering much on Pro Tools, besides answering basic questions. The reason being is that Pro Tools is a piece of logical software that can be explained via textbooks in a very quantitative fashion." "Despite what your local music retailer would like you to believe, the quality of your gear is only a very small part of the overall equation. Learning to trust your ears, use your equipment properly, and playing your parts well will get you much closer to where you want to be." "However," he says, "all technology aside, songwriting trumps recording 99 times out of 100. If you write and play a great song, even a bad recording of it will be great.” recording studio san diegomusic mixingpro tools mixing (A few of Cummings' recordings) Drumming for Ken Andrews in Portland



********************************************************** Former Dream Theater Singer is Going to the Movies Over the past few weeks, the band Dominici had frequently held the daily "top downloads" spot here on the Reader website with their song The Calling. The songs are from the musical concept trilogy 03. “I’m talking to scriptwriters and producers about bringing the story to the big screen,” says former Dream Theater frontman Charlie Dominici, who fronts the self-named band. “The three CDs have a storyline that’s perfect for a movie, and the soundtrack is already done.”

Photography by Veronique Broquet

The singer/guitarist spent the last year recording and touring with his band Dominici, whose members are based in Sardinia (off the coast of Italy), but he recently returned to San Diego. “The 03 story is very international,” he says, “concerning a young boy taken from his home, placed in a foreign land by his captors, and trained for months in the desert by religious fanatics who seem to be planning some sort of terror attack.” “He develops a love for the foreign country, where he meets a girl, falls in love, builds his own business, and is living as a free and prosperous man. But then his captors resurface and want him to carry out his sacred mission.” Dominici says the story ultimately concerns religion, with a touch of sci-fi. “The true nature of the apparent terror plot is something that has been prophesized in the Bible, among other religious and philosophical writings, but involving beings from another world. I don’t want to give away the ending, but some who have figured out the CDs say it’s pretty shocking.” “A movie version would be sort of a science fiction twist on the Greatest Story Ever Told.” As for potential casting, Dominici says “I would love to see Michael Chiklis, Russell Crowe, or Denzel Washington become interested in the project. Al Pacino would be great as one of the so-called terrorists; Scarface of the desert.” Charlie Dominici - the original singer for Dream Theater - spent several years living in an apartment on Spring Street in La Mesa, beginning in May 2003. "I chose La Mesa because it really is a nice place to live and I knew the area well," he says (he also resided in San Diego from 1998 to 2000). "It's very rustic and kind of like an old classic western." Dominici joined famed prog rockers Dream Theater in November 1987, co-writing seven of the eight songs on the band's debut album When Dream and Day Unite. He was booted in 1989 and replaced by Kevin James LaBrie, reportedly because of "personality conflicts." Dominici spent the next 15 years as a "virtual recluse" (his description). "I needed to get some financial stability and also wanted to return to music only when it felt good again." He was asked to leave Dream Theater after their first album. Wikipedia quotes Mike Portnoy saying, "It was like having Billy Joel sing in Queensrÿche." Only Dominici didn't completely disappear -- he sang at Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy's wedding in 1994 and joined his old band onstage in L.A. for two songs in March 2004 (filmed for the DVD When Dream and Day Reunite). "I was so out of practice, vocally...after that I realized how much I had been like a fish out of water since I had not been doing much musically. I quit the car business and started writing." A guitar player and singer since he was 12 years old, Dominici was a La Mesa auto finance accountant for several years. "I'm sure there will be some people who'll be looking at my CD and saying, 'Hey, that guy sold me an alarm, a LoJack, paint sealant, and a service contract. '" In summer 2007, he temporarily relocated from La Mesa to Sardinia, off the coast of Italy, to join his new band Dominici, for recording and touring overseas. His solo material is acoustic singer/songwriter music reminiscent of Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin, while his rock band Dominici is more influenced by the Queensryche/Dream Theater/Roger Waters school of theatrical, classical metal. 03 part one is acoustic, while the other two CDs in the trilogy are heavy progressive metal, recorded with a full band.




Download "The Calling"



Borrowed Look. Borrowed Music. Borrowed Fame.

by Jay Allen Sanford

In the 2001 film Rock Star, former rapper and underwear model Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg fronts a tribute band that pays sonic homage to his favorite hard rockers, Steel Dragon. He takes the gig so seriously that he gets into an onstage fistfight with his guitarist. "There's no solo after the break," shouts the alleged singer. "That's not how the song goes!" POW, right in the kisser ... More


After Austin by Barnaby Monk

Thursday 19 | SanFran's trad-jazz piano man George Duke appears at Anthology tonight. Duke may have strayed from the hard-bop path when he pioneered synth sounds for nu-jazz goof Jean-Luc Ponty in the '60s, but he touched ... More


Tricky by Dave Good

The Kinks did it once, that I know of -- played the first few minutes of their show in pitch dark. This served to ramp the house up into a loud frenzy. By the time ... More


Parenthetical Girls by William Crain

Zac Pennington, leader of Parenthetical Girls, is as skinny, pouty-lipped, and androgynous as a young Mick Jagger. His stage moves are so fey and effeminate that, in comparison, Morrissey looks like Johnny Cash. And his ... More


Crocodile Rock by Dorian Hargrove

While dance-punk duo Crocodiles were planning a cross-country tour to promote their upcoming debut full-length Summer of Hate, which is set to be released April 28 on Fat Possum Records, they received an unexpected offer ... More


Persian Influence by Jay Allen Sanford

"We left the country in 1979, when I was four years old," says Iranian-born violinist Bahman Sarram. "My family became exiles overnight, due to the political and social climate at the time, as revolutionaries enslaved ... More


Endoxi, Somato Sensory, Bombay Status by Brian Carver

Basically, the high point to me was the fact that they used real instruments -- real drums, real bass, real horns -- I liked that part of it. It's nice to hear because so often now music is recorded with synthesized horns or ... More


Scat Daddy's Lament by Ollie

Name: Steve Scatolini (aka Scat Daddy Surf) | Age: 32 | Years surfing: "too many" | Favorite spot: Jocko's Pre-surf music: "Jimi Hendrix, my own" | Post-surf food: Poma's Deli (in O.B.) Scatolini's song (below) was inspired, he says ... More


You Can't Rave All Day by Ken Leighton

It's tough for all media outlets that have to sell ads to exist, but it's even worse for XETV/Channel 6 since the local station lost its Fox affiliation last summer. Channel 6 manager Richard Doutre ... More



 Captures Hinder at 4th & B -  The four-camera shoot features hundreds of screaming, slam-dancing fans... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/dec/23/hinder-4th-b-gig-goes-global-plus-this-weeks-backs/



FRANK ZAPPA COMICS AND STORIES - Here's a full length Famous Former Neighbors comic, unfolding the life story of San Diego's most famous and acclaimed musical alum... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/nov/10/frank-zappa-comics-and-stories








WORST AMUSEMENT PARK ATTRACTIONS EVER - http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2008/dec/23/hinder-4th-b-gig-goes-global-plus-this-weeks-backs/


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Midnight Movie Culture in San Diego - Didja know that the first ever live costumed performance during a screening of Phantom of the Paradise took place at the Ken Cinema on July 29, 1983? Here's part one of a five-part history of local midnight movies .... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/sep/27/midnight-movies-a-local-history-part-1-the-80s

Why Jackson Browne Hates Former Reader Contrib Richard Meltzer - The first time Jackson Browne was profiled Rolling Stone [June 22, 1972], writer Richard Meltzer talked about hanging out with Browne and Velvet Underground icon Nico, who Browne had a serious crush on. Members of Nico’s mostly-gay and/or transvestite entourage were said to have unnerved “innocent” Browne with homosexual advances, and Meltzer went on to call the singer "one hell of a prototype sex symbol for the gay rock underground," pissing off Browne mightily.... http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/sep/29/why-jackson-browne-hates-former-reader-contrib


ZZ Top: An Illustrated Rock Tale: the ZZ Top story, in words and artwork! http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/oct/03/zz-top-an-illustrated-rock-tale

HotelView2.psd PalmsHotel

Tales of the Palms Hotel - from 1978 thru around 1983, I lived at the floppiest of downtown flophouses, the Palms on 12th and Island. This biographical history of those years includes rare photos and tales like the time Chuck Norris came to the Hotel to film a scene for the 1979 movie A Force Of One. http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/oct/04/tales-of-the-palms-hotel-in-downtown-san-diego-70s

col4 jayalbums

The Day I Sold My Albums - vinyl adventures of an album hoarder! http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/oct/21/the-day-i-sold-my-albums-to-off-the-record


 Rockin' Tattos - Locals talkin' rockin' tats! Parlor by parlor coverage...  http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/oct/27/rockin-tattoos-locals-talkin-rockin-tats


 Tijuana Bathrooms - Everybody's Gotta Go Sometime - C'mon along as I explore the bathrooms of our neighbor to the south - bring your own TP! http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2007/oct/06/an-excrement-job-tales-of-tijuana-bathrooms

*************************************************** *************************************************

The Story Teller Series at Oasis House Concerts continues...
Message From Oasis: It is our pleasure to welcome Berkley Hart to The Oasis House Concerts for their first full show with us, as the latest in our Story Teller's series.  Please join us as the boys play some classics that you don't hear often, as well as newer material mixed in with some of your old favorites, sprinkled liberally with the stories behind the songs and from their adventures on the road.  

There's limited seating available and this one should sell out easily, so don't wait (see advance reservation link below).  Feel free to share this email with other music-lovers for this unique opportunity to witness the artistry and magic of Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart in the intimate setting of The Oasis, conveniently located just off the I-5 in Sorrento Valley (between La Jolla and Del Mar), and finally on a weekend night!

Berkley Hart have found something that works.  The combination of Kerrville New Folk Songwriter Award winner, Jeff Berkley, and stand-out wordsmith, Calman Hart, creates a pairing that, over their ten-plus years together, continues to build fans all over the country.

Beginning with their debut award-winning album, "Wreck 'n' Sow," the duo set a precedent of excellence that they've lived up to with each subsequent award-winning album. The duo is currently at work on their 5th studio album, entitled "Las Vegas", and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

Berkley Hart is best known for having also created their own personal "house concert revolution" by encouraging and helping friends and fans to host their own house concerts, using Berkley Hart as their first show, and having them back annually. 

Berkley Hart
Saturday, March 21st, 2009
Doors at 7:30pm, Show at 8:00 p.m.
$20.00 Donation

Oasis House Concerts is honored to present an evening with 3 premier singer-songwriters in an intimate setting, at the Economic Stimulus donation level of only $15! 

Chris Trapper may not be a household name yet, but you've heard this Grammy Nominee's songs in films such as August Rush, The Devil Wears Prada, and There's Something About Mary.  As the principal songwriter and singer for nationally acclaimed alt-rock trio The Push Stars, Trapper has also been making quite a name on his own, having recorded and released 5 critically-acclaimed solo albums.  His words and music can best be described as an interesting blend of 1950's pop, 1990's rock and old-timey jazz with the ever-present understory of Chris' distinctive bari-tenor. It's intricate power-pop with a compelling knack for telling everyday stories.  (www.christrapper.com)

Lisa Sanders is a singer/songwriter whose life of joys and sorrows is laid out for all to share through the beautiful and heartfelt songs that she writes and sings.  A multiple San Diego Music Award winner, Lisa has gone from knowing the highs of artistic success to the lows of living in her car, and come back again to tell the tales.  Lisa has shared the stage and opened for such music legends as B.B. King, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Stevie Nicks and Sting and we're pleased to welcome her to the Oasis to sing for you the songs of her soul. (www.lisasanders.com)

Gregory Page has quickly emerged as the artist-in-residence at the Oasis, as he makes his 3rd appearance in our young history... but that's ok.  A multiple San Diego Music Award-winner and a nationally known and respected singer/songwriter, Gregory Page is an amazing performer whose songs have a beautifully simple complexity that will take you to places and times like few others can.  If the San Diego music scene is a treasure chest of riches (and it is), then Gregory Page is one of the crown jewels.  (www.gregorypage.com)

Chris Trapper, Lisa Sanders & Gregory Page
Friday, March 27th, 2009
Doors at 6:30 pm, Show at 7:00 pm
$15.00 Donation (*** Special "Hard Times/Economic Stimulus" pricing)

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