I get asked this question all the time. "How did you get into the bail bonds business in San Diego?" Well, it all started a few years ago with an ex-girlfriend. Her family wanted us to partner with them to do a specific type of bail bond. Let's just say I learned how to not do bail bonds with her family.

I found out that her father and her brother were stealing from her, their own daughter/sister. Her brother actually stole our safe and files one time. Thankfully he's in jail now. There were also rumors of sexual favors for people staying out on bail. Like I said, I learned just how NOT to do bail bonds. I eventually convinced her of what was going on. She got a restraining order against her brother, we went into the office and started carrying all of our collateral out. One of his employees called him and the cops. The cops arrived and served him with the restraining order. Very nice timing. ;)

The Department of Insurance eventually stepped in and shut everything down. Thankfully my ex didn't do any jail time because of the activities of her father and brother.

After that company was shut down, myself and four of my friends got together and started Sanctuary Bail Bonds in Phoenix. Three of the five partners were former night club owners so our angle on running the business was to provide the best customer service possible in a time when other bail bonds companies would take advantage of people. This lead to great results.

In September of 2011 we started looking at venturing to other markets. I started doing research in California and determined San Diego was the best market to open a new shop. After jumping through the many hoops that the CA DOI requires, we finally opened in July of 2012. We've been going gangbusters ever since!

by Ryan Mullinax

Sanctuary Bail Bonds Visit our San Diego bail bonds website.

San Diego Bail Bonds office: 3026 Midway Dr Suite D San Diego, CA 92110

San Diego Bail Bonds phone number:



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