Here are the final pics from Sunday, followed in reverse order by Saturday thru Thursday ----- see you in 2011!


Jawa Youth!


 C’mon, man, you just KNOW the dork with the Batman halloween mask crashed this pic without being asked, just to screw it up!



Booba Fett?


Cupid of my dreams!


 I know I should be talking about the spray paint costume, but I can’t take my eyes off the effen insane backdrop painting, apparently depicting some sort of pedophilia theme park!


C'mon, how does a Judo tunic count as a costume?


Who knew they made Huggies for stormtroopers?


Somebody MUST be PAYING people to wear those outfits ---


I don't like the way Michael Moore is eyeing those ladies from the sidelines...


Gotta admit, the high heels on the stormtrooper outfit are tres awesome!


“We don’t need no steekin’ secret identities!”


What is it about Vendetta face that makes bystanders scratch their butts and noses?? 


This Jules Verne diving outfit is my favorite 2010 costume!


More excellent costumes! 


Hard to pull off the tough-guy kick-Asgaard look with chicken feathers in your helmet, dude.


No so much a cape as it is a backwards leather dickie ----


The backdrop sign reads "Paul Conroy Isn't Ready To Die" --- I can see why! 


Weird, my girlfriend doesn't read comics, but she has the exact same outfit...


Man, those are some Harry Leggos ----


If nautical nonsense be something you wish….



Hahaha, the sign is in Klingon! A quick look at the Klingon dictionary indicates it says something like “Parking violations will be punished by disembowelment.”


Green Lantern is the only Justice Leaguer who stuck to his diet...


Outta tea, the party's over.


Either Manga Teen Titans or a Sisters of Mercy reunion...


Is there a Ghandi VS Karate Kid comic??? 


Uh - Jessica Rabbit and her pimp?


I betcha all three were hall monitors in high school!


“I just flew in from Hawkworld, and boy are my wings tired….”


This model comes with nipple to nipple carpeting!


Hmmmm - Sick Houseplant Woman?


“You BETTER not tell me to get to the back of the bus!”


Geez, if it's that bad, just give the Joker a breath mint.


Ha, at first I thought it said "giant back fat."


Watch, Men!


"What happens in the Shire, STAYS in the shire!"


"Mine's bigger...."


Michaels was having a sale on spandex.


Iron Man's younger brother, Cardboard Man.


You've heard of a butter face? This one's a Basher Face.


Doormen at the Bombay Playboy Club.


"Convention? What convention?"


Action figures never sit down...


Nexus and son?


San Diego cops must LOVE costumes that come with assault rifles...


 "Beam me up, Hans."


Titanic twins atwitter --

These next few shots are part of a series we’ll call “When underachievers go costuming….”

ccx24 ccx25 ccx26 ccx32 ccx34



Finally, here’s photog Soo Hom –


Okay, we’ll upload a few final shots from Sunday ASAP ------ stay comical!



There’s a Cousin It movie in the works?!


Gumby is such an effin pimp! Imagine all the pickup lines - "Hey girls, wanna meet Pokey?" "You should see what Gumby can do toDAY!" "If you've got a heart, then Gumby can be PART of you!" "I can make it GROW, ya know!"


Hey, who cut one?


The League of Extraordinarily Lonely Women


Uh….Fell Down Drunk In Wet Toilet Paper Man??


Okay, sing-along time again – “Trojan maaaan, TRO-jan maaaaaan!”


You do NOT wanna be wearing this when your monthly visitor arrives…or when you’re eating at the Spaggetti Factory!


Now that the Star Wars universe has legalized gay marraige...


So THAT's what happened to Amelia Earhart!


I do NOT wanna know where that guy's hand has been.


The Martian Rainbow Coalition.


Robert Downey gives an acting class -- 


Tron Guy has waited all his life for this....


"Don't worry, I'll put a helmet on it..."


Bad Acid Trip Man


“Awww, man, the snack bar doesn’t serve bloody marys…”


I though Emo was dead?


Wow, Meatloaf is really tanned! 


No rabbit hole jokes, please.


"I can see my PT Cruiser from here!"


The Les Girls booth???


Somuch for my nurse fantasy....


In some parts of town, that could pass as a prom dress.


These aren’t costumes – there was a fight to get into the Tron 2 lineup!


I feel something growing...


"Look, I still fit in my old hootchie clothes!~"


Finally, a gold bikini!! Last year, there were a dozen of ‘em….


Accessories, accessories....


 Psssst….your vine is showing…..


Security is serious this year about cracking down on shoplifters...


The family that geeks together...


Dunno who they're supposed to be, but I think the blue one needs to loosen the costume...


Our photog Soo Hom....


...and his daughter Mari ----


"Have your badges ready - or else!"

To boldly advertise where no advertisers have advertised before.

"Uh, mom, where'd you go?"

Is that a Duff in his side pocket, or does he have one effed-up anatomy?

And what are YOU hawking?

Nice shiner - what comic are you from, Revenge of the Battered Wife?

"In the brightest day or blackest night

Everyone in the room is checking out your tights..."

Wow, CGI gets more realistic looking all the time!

Gawd, I hope he isn't going commando under there....

Let's hope the carpet DOESN'T match the drapes...

"Why is everyone staring at our butts???"

Two and a half Wonder Women.

Double your pleasure, double your glum...

And yet they still have to wear their Con badges?!

You don't see many short stormtroopers.

Hey, on your hip - nice Tatooine!

Mari on deck --

Nice Tuts!

Carrot Top brought the mean girl from Little House on the Prairie.

"Fork off, dude."

Wow, all those hot girls are giving that guy such blue balls that it reached his hands!

For all you Green Ho Nuts!

She divorced Ernie the garbage can grouch, but got to keep the house.

"Hey babe, wanna spoon?"

If it weren't for the Con badge, I woulda mistaken her for a Hard Rock Hotel maid...

(Photos courtesy Soo Hom)


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antigeekess July 27, 2010 @ 5:28 a.m.

Welp, thanks for confirming my eternal suspicion that I have 'no' business at ComicCon whatsoever, JAS. Lordamercy, it's like the world's worst porn flick without the sex.

What do all these geeks do with themselves the rest of the year? Could it possibly involve more than one hand?

Oh wait, I guess World of Warcraft does take both of them to type.

Thanks again for your stellar coverage of this yearly crucible of inanity.

Oh, naaaaaaaannerz...



nan shartel Aug. 3, 2010 @ 6:16 p.m.

love the Comicon pics JAS

did u wear a costume??


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