All Shook Up, Shakin' All Over, Shake, Rattle & Roll, Shake Your Booty, Shake Your Body, Shake Your Groove Thing and so on, and so on, and so on.

That was a pretty good quake last night. Out in the same area as the one on Easter, but on the US side of the border. First USGS reports said it was 5.9, but it was later downgraded to 5.7, still plenty of movement! At the Padres game, the Toronto team was on the field. As the ground shook, TV cameras shook along, but no one seemed to capture the essence of the short lived stoppage in play. Players were looking around to see if someone else knew what was happening. By SoCal standards, this was a moderate 'biggie'. It shook, then rolled, then shook and rolled some more. Time seems to stop & most of us over-estimate the time factor. By my very own standards (!!), this was a long one! And you thought I didn't have any standards!! I admit to a certain complacency about earthquakes. This one had me thinking about getting dressed & heading outside. There is a problem with that: my apartment has a window and a glass/wood patio door. Out in the hallway, it is glass, glass, glass, overlooking the courtyard. So, I stayed put & fielded some phone calls from friends!

In searching the web this morning, several sites (mainly in Los Angeles area) stated that the Padres game was halted. It wasn't. There was some slow motion activity and looks of "what's happening?" on the faces of several players, there was an announcement & some fans cheered. I would suspect that Toronto doesn't get many quakes! I think the fact that many players and the fans did not seem really concerned, helped the uninitiated players get on with the game.

So, what would you take if you had to leave your residence? Do you know what to do if you are in a restaurant? And, what is the Padres plan of action if it is determined that Petco needed to be evacuated? I must assume the announcer would give instructions (unless he already left). Since it seems a lot of earthquakes happen in the very early AM, I had not given any thought to what would happen during a baseball game. E-mail time to Padres management.

No damage or deaths reported from this one. Of course, the grocery stores, 7/11, etc. had stuff falling off shelves and will need to be cleaned up. I wonder about that lost inventory. Does it get calculated into a loss at tax time? Is it an insurable loss? (Not likely since an earthquake is an "act of god" in insurance lingo). There is earthquake insurance, but it usually has a high deductible so it may not be worth reporting and having that on your 'record'.

I hope all of you are doing fine, especially those with a real fear of these groundshakers (DE). Do you all have a disaster kit? There is lots of information online about what should be included. One piece of advice, always keep a pair of shoes by your bed. The most dangerous part of a quake is breaking glass. You want to have shoes on to navigate if it ever happens in your neighborhood. It will, if you live in SoCal, it is just a matter of time. Like the Scouts' say: Be Prepared.

So long


MsGrant June 15, 2010 @ 10:01 a.m.

AuntSD, I would take my cats and my husband and that's it!! And my cats would not be so hard to gather up, because they are getting used to these quakes. I was worried about them, so I checked on them after last night's tremblor, and they were laying on the bed. They may have to rescue me if we have "the big one".


auntsandiegospeaks June 16, 2010 @ 4:01 p.m.

I used to say, I would grab some photo albums. Then a few years ago, I went on this collage kick and my photos are all on my walls. Different shapes & sizes & one is a 4 foot long piece of plywood (My life in pictures!). I'm just not sure, things have become less important. If I could find my good health from about 8 years ago, I would definitely take that!!!! Right now, I think I'd just grab my purse, keys, jacket & cane.

Thanks for your feedback MsGrant.


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