Do you ever just want to sit down, relax, maybe take your shoes off? I found the perfect place. It is the V2 Nail Bar Salon on the north side of F St. between 9th & 10th. They actually did my very first professional manicure. Then my friend and I went in for a pedicure. It was wonderful. Sitting back in comfortable chairs, sipping champagne (they also have wine, water), while soaking my feet in warm fruit water. If you've never tried it, you should. And this is not unisex. I have seen quite a few men getting their feet "done". As for manicures, they take their time and there is a large selection of polish to choose from. The manicures and pedicures are handled by Veronica, Virginia, Norma & Martha. They also offer facial waxing, eyebrow design & tinting by Tina, Monica, Heather. I am particularly fond of the upper lip waxing procedure. Tina is used to it, I scream. Not too loudly!!! It hurts!

V2 is owned and managed by Rania & Rola, sisters. Rania is the founder of Bellage Cosmetics and she will gladly give expert advice on make-up. Rania's daughter, Nadine, is the receptionist extrordinaire.

I give this place a BIG thumbs up for making every customer feel special, professional 'workmanship' , a friendly staff, and hands on owners.

They are open every day. Those heading to the Padres games could leave a little early, get a manicure & make it to the game on time. You can check out the website: [email protected] and then call them for an appointment: 619-255-8442. You'll be glad you did. I guarantee it (stolen from that Mens Wearhouse guy).

Thinking about your brackets? Every March Madness fan knows exactly what I mean. ESPN is even having a contest to pick the 65 teams. No thanks, I do bad enough when I know which teams are playing. Bracketology starts on Sunday when the 65 teams are announced. Then onto the games. You can fill out brackets at many online sites, free. ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, Sporting News, & more. Last year I did pretty good on one of my ESPN entries and came in at 4,566!!! Lots of people play. Good Luck to all who do.

So long


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