This is a sad day in America. Today is the day most Social Security recipients received their annual Notice of Benefits. It is usually a day to look forward & maybe add one small thing to your monthly budget. This is the day to find out the amount of the COLA raises.

But, now this momentous day is the one we find out there is no COLA raise, for the first time. This is backwards Robin Hood, take from the poorer section of the population and give to the Greedy SOBs on Wall Street. They even got bonuses. This is wrong on so many levels.

Congress should be ashamed and our new, vibrant President should be fighting for us. The country has a huge deficit problem and the people at the top are the ones who created it and are responsible for fixing it. So, they turn to the vulnerable, poorer people, the ones who can least afford it and they deny our COLA raises.

Shame on you. I recently read that the banks are repaying the bail-out money. Now, here is a GOOD IDEA: take that money from those bonuses Wall Street paid themselves and give it to the SS system, making sure to safeguard it with oversight and rules.

Another plan would be to force Congress to pay into and reap the benefits of Social Security, instead of their own separate plan. Couple that with the mandate for ALL to participate in whatever new Health Plan they write, and maybe then the citizens of the USA would get a little closer to representative government.

WE THE PEOPLE, the first words of our Constitution, need to stand up. Get out and vote & know what you are voting for or against. I read in a blog the other day that America has lost its patriotism, its enthusiasm. We need to reach down deep inside and get that back. There are a lot of reasons for such apathy (especially the last 8 years of the presidency), but no excuse will matter if this wonderful country continues down a path to ruin. So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off & start all over again.

All Social Security recipients need to write to their Congressional representatives and it can't hurt to include the President. Sign petitions, there are several listed online. Make it very clear that this is unacceptable. The budget deficit is a problem which Congress and President Obama must deal with, in such ways as to not make life even more difficult for those living on SS income. Here is one petition website:

WE THE PEOPLE worked many years, paying into Social Security and now when we need it and depend on it, our government takes away our small yearly raises. How small and despicable our leaders are. What part of their salaries did they give to lower the deficit, balance the budget, etc.?

I challenge every single SS recipient to send letters, using e-mail makes it easy. Write a letter once, then copy & paste into the e-mail on the webpage of your Congressional representatives.


So long


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