Went to the Tet Festival last Saturday, year of the cat. It was good to see success in the Vietnamese American community. I believe that Vietnam has been missunderstood for the last 5000 years. But to come to the present U.S. movements in the area I believe this is good for the U.S.. I served in Danang in the U.S. Marines as a MP with a mechanic MOS. The people I met near the ICORE bridge, the airport and on small patrols in about a 3 mile radius of the airport and bridge were very inviting to us in all the inter-reactions I experienced. As to the Vietnamese that chose to make the U.S. their country, I believe they are the greatest generation of people to enter the American society. They have a work ethic unmatched, and drive for education and economic stability. I have worked with them in their businesses and experienced the unity they show for pride in country and stibility in culture tradition. The European stock of Americans can learn a lot from the Vietnamese contributions to the American way of life. Historicaly the people that were against the U.S., in the conflict were farmers who hated the French for the abusive manners and Europeanization of the Vietnamese Culture. Most of the Americans who left Europe, left for the same reasons as the Vietnamese. That of Religious intolerance and constant social unrest with foreign invasionary repression. Any way the Chinese New Year Festival is this week end in the Chinese Historical area down town on 3 Ave., and I will be attending it as well. So we have the Vietnamese year of the Cat and the Chinese year of the Rabbit. So why different?, different culture. I see the London and Tronto stock markets have merged to form one of the Worlds largest stock markets. They are in mining and energy stocks.

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