Supertankers are Loosing money. The golobal oil-tanker flet will expand by 86.5E6 deadweight tons or 27% of the existing tonage in the next two years. This will bring up the total to 526 ships or 320.5 deadweight tons. There are so many ships now, that with the decline in demand for crud oil that they are used for storage in a new market that has a for faster delivery time price to increase the profit margin. Ref: The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/05/10 page C3 A note on the election. Meg Whitman took the County of San Diego with 50% of the vote. Carly Fiorina took the County of San Diego with 51% of the vote. I bet if the Senate vote was only in Southern California, which Carly would have represented she would have won the election.


a2zresource Nov. 9, 2010 @ 6:11 a.m.

Historically, off-shore oil storage in tankers has been a bitter consumer issue ever since the 1970s Arab Oil Embargo, seen at that time as both a supply and price manipulation and often discussed by people waiting in long gas lines. Young adults simply have no context for buying gas in a time when paying $0.50 a gallon was considered outrageously high.

Unless I am wrong, all seats in the United States Senate meeting in the District of Columbia are "at large", meaning the all US senators represent entire sovereign states. Here in California, it is state senators serving in Sacramento who represent by district.

The fact that 51% of San Diego county residents voted for Fiorina is not that much of a surprise, after a majority here actually voted this summer in favor of PG&E's losing state constitutional amendment Proposition 16 that would have ended City of San Diego voter rights under the City's 1970 electricity franchise to SDG&E. That majority approval came after a long PG&E-sponsored campaign run that failed to mention those still-existing local voter rights, coming as CPUC issued a 2010 order for PG&E not to lie during election campaigns. As far as I can tell, attorneys for PG&E are still arguing that PG&E can say anything it wants at any time it wants as long as PG&E has not yet been on the losing end of a state enforcement lawsuit for violating unfair competition laws, a CPUC proceedings topic I have blogged on previously before the San Bruno gas line explosion and wildfire.

With enough advertising, we will vote to approve anything and anyone.


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