Was thinking about the Sun Cafe today with fall-back coming up on Nov. 1. This was a great day at the Sun Cafe with an extra hour of sleep the night before. We would change the clock on Sat. just before closing and our minds would be confused for a few moments somtimes before closing and clean-up. But it was in the fun of the Sun Cafe. Judy would say it's becoming a long day isn't-it , but as fall-back was remembered she laughed it off!!. Don't forget the All Hallows ancient Celtic festival of Sambain. Father Mark talked to the children Sunday at the 10.30 mass about All Saints Day and how we are called to be saints in our lives too!. My dear Judy, we can sign up for the marrage course with Father Mark any time you like as it take six months to be married here. I was looking at the debt and the palm-shaped artificial islands off Dubai's coast being built by Nakheel. The key cluster of Dudai companies are said to owe as much as $90E12 in short-term bonds to the World's top banks.The residential real estate prices have fallen 47.5% and hotel room rates are as low as $200.00 a night in most areas. The bars and clubs are doing well with the lower real estate prices!. The nearly completed Burj Dubai, at 2,600 feet is the world's tallest building, looks good too!. Ref: Buiness Week, Nov. 2 page 50-52


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