I'm not afraid of heights. I am however, afraid of falling from heights.

Fear is a funny thing. It relies on certain criteria that would on the surface seem ironic. For example, studies have shown, the more intelligent you are, the greater the likelihood you'll fear flying. Shooting across the sky in an aluminum crate full of flammable liquid to a controlled crash isn't exactly how United advertises it, but that pretty much sums it up.

Fear can paralyze you, and no one knows this better than advertisers and the networks. In fact the very heart of the television experience is dramatic tension. From cop dramas to deodorant, we search for answers. Will the hero die? Do my armpits stink?

Is it possible that we like fear? That we need fear? The answer to that is simple. Come hear. turn up the volume. Get closer to your tv. BOO!

You liked that, didn't you?


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