When the Syrian Revolution began in March 2011, the Syrian people initially rejected outside intervention. Nearly a year later, the Syrian people are battered, bruised, down, but not out, and they’re calling for outside intervention. Yet the world has stood by and simply passed sanctions against the al-Assad regime at the most. This inaction on the part of the world is a permanent dark stain upon the world.

Over the past weekend (3-5 February 2012), more than 120 people were killed in the city of Homs alone. The total throughout the country for the weekend was much higher. Since the Revolution began, anywhere between 3,000 and 7,500 people have been killed (including security forces and defectors from the security forces) due to the al-Assad regime’s unwillingness to obey the will of the people. This is a major crime against humanity and yet the United Nations, as demonstrated by the recent Russian and Chinese vetoes on a motion to condemn the al-Assad regime, is powerless to act.

The leaders of the free world are acting in a shameful and disgraceful manner; Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, and the rest of the democratic world leadership are willingly betraying the values they are tasked with upholding (justice and liberty for all) in due to the votes of those representing governments that oppress their own people. Why? Is the lack of action for stability in the Middle East?

These leaders have calculated it is in their interest not to interfere in Syria. Russia has its warm-water port there, and remains Syria’s top supplier of military hardware. Iran is also a strong ally of the al-Assad regime. China’s only main interest is blocking foreign intervention elsewhere in the world for humanitarian issues so as not to set a precedent for the world interference in China on the same grounds. In doing so, they have decided it is preferable to let an entire population be destroyed by its tyrannical and psychopathic leader than to antagonize any of these powers and disturb the stability of the region.

They have failed to uphold the values they believe in and the Syrian people are trying win for themselves – liberty and justice – by tying themselves to the veto of the minority over the clamor of the majority in the U.N. If the leaders of the free world truly cared about the suffering of the citizens of Syria, the free world would act on it’s own to intervene, rather than obey the vetoes of two countries with human rights records which are questionable at best.

N.A.T.O. could claim it as a threat to the security of Europe. Even the Arab League could interfere. Yet neither bloc chooses to do so. N.A.T.O. shows cowardice in the face of Iran and fears stirring a conflict with Russia. The Arab League worries about domestic pressures – “Why do the Syrians deserve rights and justice when you do the same things as al-Assad when we demand liberty and justice?”

The inaction of the leaders of the free world is utterly deplorable and reprehensible in the face of the appalling slaughter taking place all over Syria. N.A.T.O. has the material wherewithal to oust the regime in swift order with little to no loss of life on its part, as demonstrated in Libya. Should the free world not intervene on behalf of the people of Syria, there will be a bastion of resentment and hatred against the West and the Syrian revolt will become the seed of terrorism the al-Assad regime has predicted it would. Action against this brutal regime is the only way to prevent Syria from being the seat of terror in the Middle East.

To the brave people of Syria; to the freedom fighters of Homs; to the “germs” of Aleppo and the “parasites” of Deraa: the U.S. government may be against you, but the American people stand with you in your struggle for human dignity, liberty, and justice. It will take time, but you will prevail against tyranny and oppression.


I Am Stardirt Feb. 8, 2012 @ 11:56 a.m.

Around the world throughout history leaders of the free world have failed those who cry out for justice. When will we learn? Freedom is humanity's destiny. People worldwide die to be free.


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