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The U-T San Diego reports that former U-T San Diego reporter-turned-crime author Caitlin Rother spent some time digging dirt on gay Republican mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio (pictured). Included in her investigation was some mention of DeMaio's partner, Johnathan Hale, publisher of the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. Rother has come under fire for participating in "gay-bashing" in her emails regarding the research, but in a statement to SD on the QT, she explains that this is simply not the case.

"When I said that DeMaio and Hale represented an 'unnatural union,' I just meant that it's highly abnormal for a prominent politician to be literally in bed with a prominent media personality. If Senator Barney Frank was shacking up with [New York Times gay op-ed columnist] Frank Bruni, that would be worth reporting. Everything Bruni wrote about Frank and Frank's policies would be compromised."

"Similarly, when I said that DeMaio was 'light in the loafers,' I just meant that he was a skilled political operative who could dance his way gracefully out of potentially damaging situations. When I called him a 'raging queen,' that was a comparison to Catherine the Great, a woman famous for letting her terrible temper guide her formidable political acumen. And in this era when so many gays are fighting for marriage equality, would anyone argue with the application of the word 'queer' to a gay Republican? The Republicans have fought equality at every turn! To align with them is absolutely queer, and I'm not afraid to say so."

"I could go on, but I trust I've made myself clear."

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