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Now that the Honorable Judge K. Michael Kirkman has ordered Louis Ray Perez, Jessica Lynn Lopez, and Dorothy "No Middle Name" Maraglino to stand trial for the kidnap, sexual torture, and murder of Brittany Dawn Killgore last year, the three defendants have begun forming a preliminary defense in the media through their lawyer, Drew Shortstraw.

"When I met her," claims Perez in a statement, "I employed standard BDSM-clubspeak: first name and fetish. 'Hi,' I said, 'I'm Louis. Brutality.' But she must have thought that 'Louis Brutality' was my name, because she answered, 'Hi, I'm Brittany Killgore.' You can see why I thought I'd found my dream girl."

Jessica Lynn Lopez explains Killgore's crushed windpipe in similar fashion. "Everybody in the BDSM community knows about heightening sexual pleasure through oxygen deprivation. So when a submissive chokes out the words, 'Oh God, I can't breathe,' how is a dom supposed to know that it's anything but an affirmation? I mean, she never even gave us a safeword."

Dorothy Maraglino, meanwhile, offers a larger perspective. "BDSM is all about fantasy and role play. When a young woman in a cage looks up at you and says, 'Please let me go. I don't know why you're doing this to me. I don't want to die,' you can look at it one of two ways. One, she's teasing you, playing a part. Two, she's been kidnapped by your boyfriend and brought into your basement against her will. Which would seem more likely to you? Could I have done more fact-checking? Sure. But that kind of kills the mood, you know? Still, next time, I think I'll use a contract, like in that 50 Shades of Grey book. Better safe than sorry."

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