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The following photo was delivered to the offices of SD on the QT by a man who would identify himself only as a Friend of Carl. Confirmations are still pending, but the scene appears to depict:


Emperor Filner (1.) rejoicing over the spoils of "donations" (1a.) sent in by developers who hope to see their projects approved in the traditional "Sunroad Walk" fashion. At Filner's feet, City Attorney Goldsmith (2.) is being forcibly removed from the meeting by a member of the San Diego Police Department (3.). Meanwhile, an as-yet-unidentified female staffer (4.) attempts to recover from the Emperor's alleged sexual harrassment. On the left, a former political ally (5.) lies bleeding and possibly dead, presumably punished for having publicly asked the Emperor to step down from power. In the background, an ineffectual City Council (6.) tut-tuts over the horrors playing out before it, but ultimately refuses to act. But wait! Who's that in the shadows behind the Emperor? Could it be Carl "Antony" DeMaio (7.), rising up to claim the throne he was so cruelly denied? Is that why he made a statement about Filner being "simply incapable of running our city"? Do the dejected people of San Diego (8.) have a champion? Dare we hope?

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