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Citing Conveniently Disappearing Witness and Other Curious Factors, Skeptics Are Quick to Question Official Account

"Last time, they found an easy scapegoat in Muslim extremists. This time, it's drunken vandals. Because who's going to believe a drunken vandal when he slurringly protests his innocence?"


The toppled tower, left, identifies the section of steel beam from the WTC, right.

FEVERISHLY SCOURING THE OFFICIAL RECORD, PACIFIC BEACH - To hear San Diego fire engineer Jeff Kaimer tell it, the silver tower forming part of the 9.11 memorial outside the Grand Avenue fire station was most likely toppled by several strong young men, possibly inebriated after a night on the town. But, counters 9.11.12 Truth founder Ken Kenneth, "according to Kaimer himself, the only actual witness to the event was a mysterious blonde. This blonde somehow escaped by Kaimer and another firefighter when they sought to detain her. Nobody else saw the blonde, or anybody else, for that matter. And is it just a coincidence that the man who designed the memorial isn't even in the state today? Fishing in Alaska, my foot."

"Look at the pattern of so-called 'dings,'" says Kenneth, pausing a local news segment covering the tragedy. "They're saying that the toppled tower struck the tower next to it as it fell, but if that's true, why doesn't the second tower show any signs of damage? If anything, it should be more dinged, not less, because the falling tower provided the ding-force via its momentum. Further, the automotive clear coat applied to each tower should have been more than strong enough to withstand a ding-strike of such small magnitude. Never mind the fact that the tower would have to have been spinning on its y axis like a top for that edge to strike the other tower they way they're saying it did."



"We don't have all the answers - yet," continued Kenneth. "But we do know this much: there's more here than meets the eye. You haven't heard the last from us. I only hope there's a way to get at the security videotape before they edit it to fit their version of the facts."

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