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Today, SD on the QT welcomes Mrs. Regina Snoot, Chairwoman of the La Jolla Ladies Who Lunch club. Mrs. Snoot recently attended a speech given by Governor Jerry Brown here in San Diego on behalf of Proposition 30. The measure seeks to avoid cuts to California's public schools and universities by imposing a temporary sales tax increase and a slightly higher rate of income tax on the state's wealthiest individuals. Mrs. Snoot has prepared a verse response to Governor Brown's speech, and we are pleased to share it with our readers here.

Governor Brown

Came to town

To plead

Against greed

And pitch his plan,

The silly man.

For things we bought,

The rascal sought

To place a tax

Upon our backs.

And all for what?

To dodge a cut

To public schools!

Does he think us fools?

Why should we care

To freely share

Our hard-earned gains

With churlish swains?

Has he forgot

(Or wasn’t he taught)

Rich who think of the poor

Soon aren’t rich any more?

As for me

(And as for we

Who can afford

The room and board)

My kids will stay

Above the fray

At Country Day

And Torrey Pines

Will be just fine

And fill what it lacks

With property tax

From La Jolla manses

Or fundraising dances

At a thousand a head –

Who says charity’s dead?

It’s hale and hearty

And ready to party!

But as times get harder

It must get smarter

And aim its largesse

At those who progress.

There’s a truth we must face

In the human race

Someone must take last place,

And it can’t be me

So it must be thee.

Poor Jerry Brown

His prop’s going down.

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