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San Diego Chapter of the Baby Burial Brigade Demands "Dignified Burial at Sea" for Whale Fetus Found on Beach

"Just because it's a whale fetus doesn't mean it isn't a person. Well, it does mean it isn't a person, but you know what we mean."

POKING AMONG THE RECENTLY DUMPED TURKEY CARCASSES, MIRAMAR LANDFILL - "It's typical - tragically typical," said Martha Matthews, President of the San Diego chapter of the Baby Burial Brigade, an organization that seeks to raise awareness about abortion by conducting burial services for aborted fetuses. "Everyone worries about the mother. But the baby - who cares about the baby?"

In this case, Matthews was referring to the five-foot fin whale fetus that was found next to its deceased mother on a Point Loma beach last week. The fetus, which had been born prematurely and was still alive, ultimately died. And while its mother was towed by a fancy catamaran and buried at sea for the sake of ecological research, Matthews suspects that the fetus was cut up and dumped unceremoniously amid the Thanksgiving leftovers here at the landfill.

"The worst part is, even though it has been born, the media insisted on still calling it a 'fetus.' If a woman gives birth at seven months, does she call it a fetus until it reaches its expected birth age? No - she calls it a baby. But not these so-called journalists. Oh, no, they have to use their clinical language to keep their emotional distance from what's right under their noses."

Matthews said that if she or other members of her group are able to find the fetal whale carcass, they plan to charter a small boat and dump the body as close to the mother's burial site as possible, "so they can rest together at the bottom of the sea. It's the only decent thing to do."

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Gail Powell Dec. 13, 2011 @ 1:06 p.m.

I would like to protest the insulting way this so-called "reporter" made fun of a death that occurred of a beloved sea creature found along the cliffs of Point Loma. One does not need to be a PETA zealot to know that the little mammal should be honored and treated with respect. What kind of craven people does that Jim Holman hire down there to write these ghastly stories.

I invite all Reader employees who are not loathsome animal haters to come to a special drum circle in Ocean Beach where sage will be burned and a special interpretive dance rendered in a spiritual manner to honor all God's creatures. It is requested that the Reader hit up some of it's medical marijuana dispensary advertisers for some free samples to bring down to the drum circle, where the "medication" can be smoked to commune with the spirit of the baby and ask for it's forgiveness on behalf of the Reader! Amen.


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